48Zhou Yanli, deputy director of the State Council, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China |Zhou Yanli, deputy director of the State Council, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China 3

Guo Ligen, deputy director of the State Council, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, vice chairman of the board of directors of sina exposure platform: letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The appointment and removal of the national staff. Wang Hesheng was appointed deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission; the appointment of Liu Zhengrong, Zhang Sutang as vice president of Xinhua news agency; Xue Xiaofeng was appointed the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region deputy director of the liaison office; appointed vice chairman Yu for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games organizing committee. Xu Dazhe was relieved of the Vice Minister of industry and information technology, director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Atomic Energy Agency Director Office, director of the National Defense Industry Bureau; from the dragon new vice president of Xinhua News Agency vice president Guo Ligen was removed from office; China Banking Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Yanli was removed from office; Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission Office from the ocean; the focus of large state-owned enterprises supervisory board chairman. Guo Ligen resume: born in 1955 in Beijing, college degree. 1972.12–1984.12, Chinese, 57316 people’s Liberation Army soldiers, technicians 1984.12–1988.11, the people’s Bank of China Education Department cadres 1988.11–1991.02, the people’s Bank of Chinese political education department deputy director of 1991.02–1993.03, the people’s Bank of Chinese division of personnel cadres appointment office deputy director and director of 1993.03–1994.05, the people’s Bank of Chinese division of personnel system of cadres at 1994.05–1998.08 1998.08–2001.01 director, deputy director of Personnel Department of the people’s Bank of Chinese, deputy director of the division of personnel and education, the people’s Bank of China Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Party committee and deputy director of the training center of 2001.01–2003.07, the people’s Bank of Chinese education personnel Secretary of Party committee, organization department minister and deputy director of the training center, the people’s Bank of China commission members 2003.07–2005.06, Chinese banking supervision Director of the Ministry of personnel, supervision and Management Committee Party Committee Organization Department Minister 2005.06–2005.12, Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman, Party committee assistant 2005.12–2016.09, vice president, China banking supervision and Management Committee Party committee. Zhou Yanli was born in June 1956 in Shandong, Jimo, in March 1976 to participate in the work, graduated from the Liaoning Institute of Finance and economics, senior economist. 1997.04 – 1998.11 China people’s Insurance (Group) general manager of international department from 1998.11 to 1999.12 China Insurance Regulatory Commission property insurance regulatory department is mainly responsible for 1999.12 – 2000.04 China Insurance Regulatory Commission Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Office for the

41Zimbabwe Chinese boss was shot dead and looting|Zimbabwe Chinese boss was shot dead and looting1

Zimbabwe Chinese boss vandalism burning incident was shot and killed in Zimbabwe riots on the streets of the original title: the security situation of Zimbabwe embassy to remind Chinese tense must strengthen awareness of international online reports (reporter Liu Chang): 9 days, China Embassy in Zimbabwe held a forum on the work safety situation in Zimbabwe and the China, Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe police officer. Tianjin and community leaders, led security liaison to discuss the recent security situation in Zimbabwe and the countermeasures. Recently, Zimbabwe held violent demonstrations, criminals in the capital Harare, Lhasa, some Chinese shops also suffer losses. On August 7th, Chinese Hot pot shop owner Xu Zheng encountered the gunman shooting in the hotel, although the China embassy and the Chinese community groups to rescue, and transported to South Africa for surgery, but was killed. For Zimbabwe’s deteriorating security situation, Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe invited Zimbabwe central police chief Chinese Eriksson Lu · Mourinho to Tianjin Chinese police Kutch measures. Officer Mukachi said: "although the recent instability in Zimbabwe, but is still in control of the state, the Zimbabwe police department will be in China overseas Chinese service, please if you encounter a crime, the first time to the police." Mukachi also introduced a number of preventive measures, such as: if you hire a new employee, be sure to take him to the police station to do the identification of no criminal records, and fingerprint. If the night I heard a strange noise outside the yard, do not check out, and locked the door, observed from the window. For the more common robbery, the police advised: "if Mourinho Kutch gangsters entered the home, do not resist, because criminals are often with guns or sticks, to look carefully at their looks, height, hair length, listen to what they say in the language, as a day after the criminals to justice evidence." He stressed that if the family has cash, only let family members know that the rest of the people can not tell. Because criminals before committing the crime often headed to do a long-term investigation, on the other side of each sum of money deposited at. These are likely to be revealed at home workers, but also may be disclosed by the bank, even in the bank withdrawals, the bank may also disclose your information. Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping said, Zimbabwe’s recent political turmoil and the economic downturn will cause security problems become an important issue in front of the Chinese long swing, it is worth every Tianjin overseas Chinese attaches great importance to. He said: "Chinese embassy this year especially reinforced and Tianjin police liaison, when all kinds of cases and China citizens appear, we negotiate through various channels and, urging them to take effective measures to solve the case as soon as possible, to punish the murderer, also Chinese citizens fair. More importantly, measures should be taken to strengthen the protection of the entire Chinese community and prevent such incidents from happening again." Ambassador Huang Ping remind Tianjin overseas Chinese, to keep the safety awareness, strengthen security measures and materials used in the purchase of personal insurance, the family standing in an emergency situation, and keep in touch with Zimbabwe power sector. Since the security situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated.