1 year old children were lost to admit expired saline hospital said the child concerned 97179

1 year old children were lost to admit expired saline hospital said the child on the original title: the old baby hospital were lost expired saline China Weinan daily news (reporter Chen Bing) a 1 year old boy was admitted to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pucheng County, the father found that nurses lose liquid has expired. The hospital admitted negligence, commitment will continue to focus on the health status of children. October 11th, the party more than 1 year old son cough due to the Pucheng maternal and child health care hospital, was diagnosed with pneumonia, hospitalized for treatment. The next day, the party found children lose liquid in a bottle has expired, then find a doctor, ask the hospital responsible for possible adverse reactions. The child’s uncle, Mr. Lee said: "after the infusion of children, there is no special place, that is, there are red spots on the body, I do not know is not expired drugs?" Yesterday, Pucheng County MCH medical branch chief told China Daily reporter: "children’s pneumonia symptoms eased, face more than two red spots, Dean guess is mosquito bites. But parents do not worry, we will arrange the children to go to Xi’an to check, the parents came back and said, doctors in Xi’an say that there is no adverse reaction, but does not guarantee the day after there is no problem. We apologize to the party members of the family, promised to write a health guarantee, promising to continue to focus on child health. After understanding, this bottle of saline is valid as of the end of September this year, only the use of a bottle of patients." Pucheng County MCH Zhang party secretary said, after an investigation that the hospital management problems, nursing negligence resulted in patients who use expired drugs. The hospital pharmacy Kefeng chief said: "we each half an inventory of drugs, expired drugs registration recovery, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in two groups each month will be counted, the cabinet and the recovery of expired drugs, in accordance with the procedure of destruction. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

Nanjing introduced the most stringent restriction policy experts no longer save late denka

Nanjing introduced the most stringent restriction policy experts: not "save" on the late evening of September 25th, a "Nanjing restrictions: residents have two or more housing units and shall not purchase a new home" message such as "bomb" every drop from the clouds, stimulate the purchase of nerve. Nanjing main city housing purchase policy will be formally implemented from September 26th, the policy will have what effect? Who’s life will change? Nanjing property market really want to cool it? Nanjing is the purchase of second tier city’s most stringent expert: feel the full sincerity "is a network of soil hot shot, a game is crazy and just need to speculators, this policy too timely." Meng Xiangyuan, director of the center for urban and real estate research, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, real estate overheating has been going on for several months, no longer save late. Reporters noted that the clear restriction policy, in the main urban area, has 1 or more housing units and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing; the city residence households have 2 or more housing, not to purchase new housing. In addition, the purchase of the policy requirements, the implementation of the purchase of the main city of Gaochun, Jianye, Lishui, Yuhuatai, Jiangning and eight districts, including Xuanwu, Qinhuai, the drum tower, Qixia, Pukou, and other areas, excluding the two regions. "Had already introduced the purchase of the second tier city of Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, is not the outer limit of the limit, only non local residents family, is not limited to local residence households, the purchase of the policy in Nanjing is limited and the limit, which limits the field of non residents, and the local residents, in a second the city’s purchase of the policy in the largest, most extensive coverage, the strongest is the second tier city purchase policy." Nanjing real estate development association secretary general Zhang Hui told reporters on the intersection, non local household registration, Nanjing restriction policy is "in the main city area, has 1 or more housing and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing, consistent with the Suzhou and Xiamen, Hangzhou. Meng Xiangyuan admitted to reporters, Nanjing restriction policy is not only sincere, but also quite artistic, its artistry is mainly reflected in a number of different measures. First, the new commercial housing restrictions on second-hand housing is not limited, because the proportion of investment in new homes is too high, the greater the market pressure. Two is the geographical difference, Gaochun, Lishui, Liuhe, the purchase of three places. Currently, the price of land prices rising momentum of the most concentrated in the main city, and Gaochun, Lishui and Liuhe three property market price momentum has not yet to the extent of the need to control the purchase. In addition, it is also considering the flow of people in the purchase of Pukou diversion. Second hand housing will rise? Divorce tide return? Expert interpretation of the new policy may bring the influence of the reporter noted, Nanjing the first time purchase policies, on the social networking platform quickly attracted netizens hot, most of which is about impact on the implementation of the new. Time and again the market heavy regulation policy, netizens predicted "second-hand housing prices", "divorce" will come? In this regard, Meng Xiangyuan said that the impact of the purchase of the new policy is multifaceted, which divorce tide inevitable, which is some speculators in order to achieve the goal.相关的主题文章:

The college entrance examination syllabus has become multi on the brush will be more and more 519697

The college entrance examination syllabus has become multi   on the "brush" will be more and more difficult to get high marks in Jiangxi channel, people.com.cn 2017 college entrance examination syllabus has changed! Examination center of the Ministry of Education issued a notice in China education examination online, solicit opinions on the basis of the examination center, organized experts to amend the 2017 common entrance examination and approval syllabus and exam notes, the forthcoming. According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of education examination center can be seen, the revised content of the various disciplines announced, there are still relatively large changes. The concern is that from the new syllabus, English did not appear to modify the content. But the examination content in various disciplines and comprehensive arts comprehensive changes of the influence, big and small. At present, there are more than and 200 days from next year’s college entrance examination, the college entrance examination syllabus or what? For the candidates, and how to deal with the content of the examination exam? High school students and teachers, parents are most concerned about, said in a statement, the Chinese practical text reading was set as a compulsory content, literature reading text; mathematics elective module "reduce geometric proof" selecting etc.. In addition, the announcement also said, in order to highlight the educational orientation, increase the assessment of excellent Chinese traditional culture content of the syllabus. For example, in the Chinese language to increase the content of ancient cultural knowledge, in the Chinese language to increase the classical Chinese, traditional festivals, folk and other content, increase the content of mathematical culture in mathematics. The A syllabus changed what changes? Without demur content from the designated key examination center of the Ministry of Education announced the subject details are formally issued in 2017 common entrance examination syllabus and examination description language 2 elective module variable pay more attention to reflect the compulsory basic and comprehensive optimization of Chinese subject, examination content, examination adjustment module, comprehensive test language proficiency and cultural literacy. 1 ability to design the subject, pay attention to the higher level of thinking ability, such as appreciation evaluation ability. 2 to increase the amount of reading, to examine the information age and college talent selection requirements of rapid reading ability and information processing capabilities. 2 elective module 3 provisions of the current examination syllabus respectively "literature text reading" and "practical text reading", students are required to choose 1 answers from two selected questions in. The revised syllabus will cancel the examination mode, "literature text reading" and "practical text reading" as a compulsory content. 4 in the "ancient poetry reading" part of "to understand and grasp the common ancient cultural common sense" content of the test. Delete elective module "geographical natural disaster and prevention" the current syllabus requirements of 3 elective modules respectively, "Tourism Geography" and "natural disaster and prevention" and "environmental protection", requiring students to select 1 modules from 3 modules. Revised syllabus to delete "natural disaster and prevention" module. Candidates from the "Tourism Geography" and "environmental protection" module optional 1 modules to answer. The four ideological and political examination objectives more clearly on the subject "acquisition and interpretation of information" and "mobilize and use of knowledge" to describe and explain things "and" demonstration and inquiry "four ability assessment objectives analysis of the content of the revision and improvement, supplementary test)相关的主题文章:

Inheritance the second quarter will be broadcast China incarnation of Zhu Dan curious baby – 9c8947

"Inheritance" the second quarter will be broadcast   China incarnation of Zhu Dan curious baby – the media – people.com.cn recently, Beijing TV reality show "cultural heritage" to start the second season record. Chen Daoming, China, Zhu Dan and Ming Fan joined as cultural observers. Chen Daoming and Ming Fan opponents, from time to time mutual pit, and try to China Mei school Drunken Beauty style, Zhu Dan joked: "the second Hua fei." In the second season, Chen Daoming Zhu Dan became the "Ming Zhu", China and Ming Fan formed a "adorable little combination". See the "Diabolo" project, Ming Fan urged Chen Daoming to lead the input stage of learning skills. As a cultural observer to China and Zhu Dan, in the face of every wonderful heritage project, have become curious baby". China tried a new style in the show, having witnessed the Mei School of Hu Wenge brought a descendant of "Drunken Beauty", he could not help but put on costumes and makeup of the imperial concubine. Having witnessed the Qiao opera acrobatic troupe brings stunt "Diabolo", Zhu Dan asked to also take the initiative to increase the difficulty of learning, "to learn that action God will fall behind". It is reported that the program will be broadcast on Beijing TV in September 4th. (reporter Zhao Nannan) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:

More than the concept of environmental protection flooring transformation of SMEs face more problems www.cpew.cn

Environmental protection floor concept transition of small and medium enterprises face more problems if the enterprise wants to obtain their own floor in a space for one person also need the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore market, to improve themselves by many ways. In the quality of products to spend their minds, but also to spend more on R & D innovation. Environmental protection has become the future trend of the flooring market, it is no doubt that the floor of the enterprise will only be integrated into the health and environmental protection of their own development philosophy, in order to obtain the support and trust of consumers. Currently, the environmental protection of interior decoration materials has become a global trend. Is caused by decoration pollution, more and more consumers to buy the product will floor floor performance of environmental health in the first place, and the floor on the market, E0, in addition to aldehyde, odor, negative ions and other concepts also exploded. Today, in order to fit consumer demand, flooring companies have to environmental transformation, and weak technical strength of SMEs are facing more pressure. The flooring industry ushered in the era of environmental protection with the development of the times, green building materials and decoration is also popular, as an indispensable part of the floor decoration, always with people’s life, so the environmental issues are getting more and more attention. The development of the times and people’s attention, making the whole industry for environmental protection products more attention. The floor is a more mature traditional industries, with the national energy saving, sustainable development policies, many real estate developers will also consider the needs of consumers, environmental protection, low carbon products is their preferred. Under the trend of low-carbon environmental protection, will give birth to a large number of low carbon, environmental protection, the birth of a new floor enterprise, the entire flooring industry will usher in a new era. Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing more pressure from the E1 floor, E0 floor, floor formaldehyde free, then in addition to aldehyde (net aldehyde) floor to anion floor now popular, are in progress, in the development of enterprises in the exploration, development, environmental protection products, but because of the high cost of production, into the stage of marketing promotion cost the funds also need to increase sales, will inevitably bring about the high price. Such as: the procurement to meet the requirements of the floor exhaust waste materials; the purchase of environmental management in the production process; the introduction of advanced technology to upgrade environmental protection products; design for environmental protection products in the late middle marketing; the cost of investment in human resources, increase the cost burden of enterprises.相关的主题文章: