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1 year old children were lost to admit expired saline hospital said the child on the original title: the old baby hospital were lost expired saline China Weinan daily news (reporter Chen Bing) a 1 year old boy was admitted to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pucheng County, the father found that nurses lose liquid has expired. The hospital admitted negligence, commitment will continue to focus on the health status of children. October 11th, the party more than 1 year old son cough due to the Pucheng maternal and child health care hospital, was diagnosed with pneumonia, hospitalized for treatment. The next day, the party found children lose liquid in a bottle has expired, then find a doctor, ask the hospital responsible for possible adverse reactions. The child’s uncle, Mr. Lee said: "after the infusion of children, there is no special place, that is, there are red spots on the body, I do not know is not expired drugs?" Yesterday, Pucheng County MCH medical branch chief told China Daily reporter: "children’s pneumonia symptoms eased, face more than two red spots, Dean guess is mosquito bites. But parents do not worry, we will arrange the children to go to Xi’an to check, the parents came back and said, doctors in Xi’an say that there is no adverse reaction, but does not guarantee the day after there is no problem. We apologize to the party members of the family, promised to write a health guarantee, promising to continue to focus on child health. After understanding, this bottle of saline is valid as of the end of September this year, only the use of a bottle of patients." Pucheng County MCH Zhang party secretary said, after an investigation that the hospital management problems, nursing negligence resulted in patients who use expired drugs. The hospital pharmacy Kefeng chief said: "we each half an inventory of drugs, expired drugs registration recovery, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in two groups each month will be counted, the cabinet and the recovery of expired drugs, in accordance with the procedure of destruction. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: