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110 thousand level high SUV selected X5 Landwind PLUS contrast Fengshen AX7 in my opinion, every field is a challenge, as long as the field is still there is always a challenger. And our car is also the case, there is no real sense of God car or perfect car, only constantly improve themselves, close to the user as well as consumers this is the thing to do. Today, we have to pick the X arena challenge has such a spirit in my opinion. However, lip off skill, how hard power it? Can we Leizhu PK down? Let’s go down together. Super SUV Landwind X5 Plus thirty: a number of performance improvements to pick X5 Landwind (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) PLUS Leizhu: Fengshen AX7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Yan value PK Landwind X5PLUS as modified models of X5 Landwind, in appearance and not to make snap change, but the details of the adjust or let it have a better sense of fashion. The front grille with chrome banners style and headlights good together, a sense of luxury and overall visual effect are relatively clear, fog area compared to the old larger size and add a chrome trim to upgrade a lot of texture. Have a good proportion of the body from the side looks, a straight upward sloping line makes the sideways looks very mention gas. Obe Atsumi is full and has a sense of hierarchy, the bottom of the silver anti – guard board with double exhaust design in line with the prevailing trend. The design is composed of Fengshen AX7 Warriors (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) team, so the overall design are not too flashy revealed a stable atmosphere. The front grille has a large opening and a three banner design, which has a certain visual impact. Under the grille for the honeycomb shape, headlight shape sharp sharp contrast. In addition, the body side and tail styling is relatively stable. The appearance of summary: two cars have their own distinctive features in appearance, the overall shape of Fengshen AX7 and X5PLUS Landwind is more fashionable, used nowadays more popular design elements. The relative PK interior appearance, whether it is the interior design or function are improved significantly, and also in materials with a large number of hard plastic lined to replace the original plastic soft materials have improved more than one level from either tactile or visual effects. The new style of the steering wheel design more fashion, joined the multi-function keys also enhance the driving convenience. Also regional multimedia to replace the original CD player with a 10 inch large size LCD screen. Overall, the upgrade to X5PLUS Landwind interior design and technology have had a qualitative leap. Fengshen AX7 uses a full black interior color highlights certain sports atmosphere, silver wire trim details added to enhance some texture, more youthful. The console is covered with a large area of soft materials feel good, but the details of the process is still somewhat unsatisfactory. The layout of the control area is more regular, and the division of each region is also clear. Summary: X5PLUS Landwind interior trim after heavy)相关的主题文章: