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24 pieces of rare cultural relics at the London Chinese original title: 24 pieces of rare cultural relics relics Chinese unveiled Eskenazi Chinese network compile reports: Eskenazi 24 Chinese antique exhibition located in the No. 10 Clifford street in London Gallery, bronze, gold and silver, jade and bone clothing making antique silver, highlighting the advanced from the Neolithic age (C. 2000 BC) to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) Chinese exquisite craft artisans. The ancient bronze wine (statue). Can be traced back to the early Western Zhou 11-10 century BC, height: 25 cm, which is since 2003 Eskenazi held the most rich and colorful China early art exhibition, exquisite bronzes and artwork that collectors unable to hide greeds. These exhibits previous owners containing 19 and twentieth Century famous collectors, such as Luo Zhenyu, Bernard, Situokelete? Berenson and Cunliffe count. Many works of art have been unveiled in twentieth Century the famous museum exhibition, including British Museum, Vitoria and the Albert Museum, art museum, National Museum and Stockholm in Venice government. The exhibition highlights are frequent. One from the early Western Zhou Dynasty (11-10 century BC) the ancient bronze wine has attracted a lot of attention, appeared held in the Doge’s palace in Venice Chinese art exhibition. In addition to a Western Zhou ritual is also particularly striking, within seven words engraved with the inscription, the original container and other forms of a block on the altar, according to the nineteenth Century Chinese literature was the Qing Dynasty officials bag all in the bag Pan Zuyin. Most ancient artifacts are engraved with animal patterns, including the dragon, bears, birds and other mammals, lively and vivid and natural. Early or taking the Western Zhou Dynasty (Eleventh Century BC) of different types of wine as inspiration to create most of the animal. In addition, there are many other more rare and eye-catching exhibits. From the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 9 A.D.) a gilded bronze dragon, is considered to be the chariot or wagon center shaft; from the Han Dynasty a gilded bronze bear, with turquoise and agate; from the Tang Dynasty a statue jade figurines, has unveiled the Vitoria and Albert Museum "the China the era of jade". There is one of the more mysterious exhibits from the Neolithic age and the Shang Dynasty Jade a notched disc, 33 cm in diameter, with smaller size, attracted numerous reverie on the function. This October 5th, Eskenazi will also held the first European Exhibition Chinese famous contemporary painter Ceng Xiaojun, will also be held in London Chinese early art exhibition. China Heritage Network compile report) compile: Yang Lanlan source: Art Daily相关的主题文章: