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3 punch out A shares "1 front teeth before security situation hunters A shares today tiaokongdikai intraday fell below the 3000 point integer mark, the hand piece again haunt investors unwilling to remain out of the limelight, have" self ": the ancient Meng Jiangnu crying down the Great Wall, there is the A share investors put bricks in the Great Wall, the capital" clothing"! A few days ago, Iran’s poor state, the Orangemen "play style", not "success" when the final draw in Iran; on Friday, the three major U.S. stock index fell more than 2%, A shares that cannot "get wind", Monday tiaokongdikai intraday fell below the 3000 point mark, not a thriving! Analysis of the disk in the afternoon of September 12th, the market suddenly fell, the stock index intraday breakdown of 3000 points integer mark, the lowest detection to 2999.93 points, what is the reason? The media integration of the six big bad, more analysis is eight bad, multitray master (fupan588) believes that the real bad in fact only the following highlights: IPO and stocks fell. Weekend news intensive, after all, A shares are now extremely sensitive and fragile, some neutral news will also be understood as bad, but the news is indeed related to the formation of A shares and a substantial pressure on the IPO. On the one hand, the Commission issued 14 enterprises IPO approval, although the new regulations did not hit new frozen capital said, but the IPO will undoubtedly want to fund diversion. On the other hand, the Commission said that the poor areas of enterprise IPO will be reported that the trial". Currently IPO queue companies have 743, according to the current release rhythm, which means that at least three years to complete digestion. And the poor areas of enterprise IPO from the queue, which means the past to spend a few million shares to buy Yishiji shell, now as long as the registration to the poor areas to move to spend 20 million on a fix. The Commission wants to engage in poverty alleviation, a good way of genius to sell stocks and gamblers pay the poor ""! In the field of gamblers who are not happy, the market". Secondly, the previous record high stocks finally ushered in the turning point, but no one expected, returning to the consolidation was so fierce as Beijing September 10th morning closing, the three largest U.S. stocks fell more than 2%, the Dow fell nearly 400 points, the U.S. debt fell down, are a British exit since the maximum level, and panic VIX index also soared 40%. U.S. stocks plunged in the expectation that technology is a departure from the days, a long break a Yindie moving average, is a typical "decapitation guillotine". A shares today adhering to the consistent urine, habits and the periphery than miserable, you dare to fall I dare to fall more than you. But after the crash, it is a good entry point. Of course, good entry does not encourage you to grab the opening, for the stock form is not good or high throw or flesh, looking for opportunities to copy good stock bottom. In addition, there is a catalyst to diffuse in the market — double coming, the main uninterested this week A shares only 3 trading days, the market will be relatively lax, resulting in the hot surface is difficult to continue. Next is the national day, the main stage of the fine thinking, may indeed lack motivation. How to operate the market Monday tomorrow: the continuation of the previous trading day down trend in bad gathers, the two stock markets down sharply tiaokongdikai;相关的主题文章: