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Arts-and-Entertainment 3Teras cloud .puting service with Applogic OS has been a revelation in bringing the grid .puting to a new level. Grid .puting involves building cost effective virtual servers using the resources from multiple administrative domains, with .modity servers being the building blocks of the grid. The Virtual Private Data Center with Applogic, provide greater flexibility to manage resources of the .modity servers, similar to physical access to the .modity servers. All the resources from different .modity servers can be shifted into a single pool of corresponding resources(CPU,RAM,B/w,etc.). Almost every .ponent AppLogic is built upon virtualization and this helps in producing the most cost effective and efficient data centers. If you are a SaaS provider building scalable Web 2.0 applications, deployment and maintenance of the web application by traditional methodologies will takes weeks or months. With Applogic OS, management of resources is easy and malleable. Any number of virtual instances of our native Operating Systems can be chosen and linked together depending upon the requirements, like multiple clusters or physical servers under a network, all in a matter of days. Developing a N-tire Application using one Applogic requires just the same effort. This helps in reducing the IT infrastructure cost, make this a favourite among the SaaS providers. 3Tera announced IPv6 support in october 2009 which will now help you to connect applications between datacenters seamlessly. What are the advantages of using applogic? Applogic can be used with any type of web based application CRMs, E-mail ,VOIP, PBX and many other. It has the following outstanding features: Advantages of Applogic 1. Ability to aggregate .modity servers into a single scalable grid . 2. Native Support for transactional and I/O intensive workloads. 3. Allowing an unmodified application to run on different Grids. 4. Concurrent execution of multiple unrelated applications each with its own resource quota 5. Scaling applications from a fraction of a server up to the full resources of the grid 6. Supporting hardware, middleware and applications from a variety of vendors Moreover, AppLogic implements a number of key services that enable the building of real-world utility .puting systems. These include: * Resource metering system enables pay-per-use models * Catalog delivery system handles the global distribution and sharing of infrastructure, prepackaged applications and software updates * Grid management system manages a data center as a single system. Sparksupport.. have a dedicated team of experts specialized in designing and deploying high end scalable N-tier applications using the 3tera applogic OS and provide 24×7 support and maintenance for applogic grid. We provide expert advice and personal assistance through our Remote Infrastructure Management Services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: