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[map] test data to help you choose the most noteworthy compact car automobile Sohu – page first: FAW – Volkswagen Jetta GLI [car] review Sohu for many young consumers, a compact car may be their first car of choice. In addition, they have a certain degree of adherence to performance and comfort. But in the face of character and price, always face embarrassment. For the consumer, the compact car from this year we tested in 5, they all have good performance, open up with great taste, a faction, the price will not be too outrageous. Look, maybe you have some of the dishes. After the success of the golf GTI, Volkswagen’s performance pedigree spread to many models. In the hatchback, the cannon wind blew the car on the three. From 2005 to 2008 R Polaris, Sagitar Champion Edition, they are all blown away by car. The wind speed will not be missed. In the performance with the cannon, Sagitar GLI still retains the three car’s utility. Perhaps those who have a family room indecisive people, then movement can also be domestic Sagitar GLI is the dual choice of their passion and affection. Some of the configuration and ultimately, dual zone automatic air conditioning, heated front seats, keyless entry and a key start function are also this is not the only one. In addition, although the Jetta GLI standard 17 inch wheels, but you can choose 18 inches of that paragraph, beautiful more than a tiny bit, and as long as 2000 yuan, Why not?. New Sagitar GLI made no change in power, still maintain the old section of the Collocation — 2.0T two generation EA888 +6 engine speed wet dual clutch gearbox. Why not change the third generation EA888 engine and DQ380 7 speed wet dual clutch gearbox, probably manufacturers have their own considerations. But okay, this set of powertrain before me in the 6 generation Golf GTI experience, has been able to meet with me, now in the new Sagitar GLI, its performance is not bad. Dual clutch gearbox in the fuel economy to help a relatively large, the test of these days, opened a few morning and evening peak, due to the hot weather, so the air conditioning has been in the open state. Through the city, suburban and high-speed road test, after running 136 kilometers, it consumes about 13.06 liters of gasoline, accounting for 100 kilometers fuel consumption of about 9.6 liters, accounting for about 95 liters. (Editor: Tengfei) page fifth: golf travel version of R in a lot of performance control, mass powder and the hearts of fans, the golf R seems to have become a kind of feelings, it seems to be a kind of magic, a number of people many cannot extricate oneself. And in the car circle there is another kind of feeling, that is a wagon. People always love "both", that if these two kinds of feelings put in one will do? Thus, the golf R Travel Edition came. R golf travel version of a golf R and spirit of the great appearance and excellent performance, but as travel vehicles have a longer body and greater trunk volume, while the car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof and top)相关的主题文章: