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In the world the best love Wen Liu Jirong College – Sohu maternal friends on holiday travel, visit me at home for a few days. In the midst of husband travel, children, I busy. A few days down, she said: "you see, I’m so bustling about involuntarily, never dare to have children." I said: "what do you see?" She said sympathetically: "see you eat three meals a day to wash the cooked fried, but also hard than the nanny; you see rain, and children to school, and busy work, almost become a robot; see you two in the morning is not to rest, giving their children to feed the water, like a convict; also see the wrinkles and bags under the eyes you see, you give the inexhaustible." She sighed: "the best time for a woman to give up, what is the joy of life. You look at me, when traveling without a tie in the world, light of heart from care, good." I smiled and said to her, "you see everything, but you can’t see my happiness and happiness." Her eyes, looked at me in surprise, half jokingly said: "you are not kidding?" I told her son just in kindergarten, the first time to eat chicken wings, only two and a half years he will hide in the wings, white shirt sleeves, evening back to eat with me. I still remember him with relish sucking that half chicken bones greedy. I think he left on the sleeve piece of yellow grease, my heart will have a touch of warmth. Friends thoughtfully, face is no longer a look. I told her, walking on the road, son like a little man, let me walk on his right. He said: "my mother is short-sighted, I am clairvoyant, I will protect you!" When crossing the street, he directed traffic and shouted: "you all get out of the way, my mother is going to cross the street!" If I was a supremely majestic queen, all courtesy. Mother is the most beloved queen in the hearts of children. Friend hearty laugh, she said: "envy you, your majesty." I told her that my son was late in the evening of May last year. I found him on the outer ring. This way, Huaihua opening white as snow, fragrance assail the nostrils, son is absorbed to the trunk office, a tree. He said to me: "today is mother’s day, I can’t buy carnations, came here." Flowers are so good, but someone picking son with watercolor pen to write this simple message: "this is my gift to my mother’s flowers, please let it take off, don’t pick." Looking at the road in Huaihua, I know, this is the best gift for mother’s day. Holding the child’s hand, I feel I am the happiest person in the world. Hear here, the friend’s eyes become soft. I told her the day before yesterday, my son and I went to the hospital. When the doctor announced that his son and I are the same type of blood, he suddenly cheered: "great, if the mother after the illness need a blood transfusion, you can smoke my!" The next blood test, and the doctor, have moved to say: "there is such a nice boy." I calmly state the clips, my friend相关的主题文章: