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Teach the children of these four things, the child will never be bad to go behind the | the son mother Sohu outstanding children, one of the parents have the ability, pay attention to the education of the children, who began training. Everyone wants a good child, but do not know where to start, the best are in the days and months multiplying these things, try to teach children, may benefit from the life. Cultivate children interested in a good child basically has an own expertise, when a small child, parents should be good at discovering the children of what things, and then cultivate children good this interest, such as children love painting can give children to classes, but many children are out of their own interest the only seems interested in playing, parents can let the children touch something, see the child love, let the children to learn. Sometimes it is the ability to control children endurance endurance training children, can control their own people, not low EQ are where to go, to cultivate a good child, not miss training for his patience, can play some attention and children’s games, to allow more children to participate in some fun activities. Watch TV, play computer to control the time children watch TV, often play computer, not only the myopia faster, and may not love more and more exchanges, according to the survey, there are about 60% every day will still see more than one or two hours of television a 2 year old baby child, long time like this, the child’s language barriers will be great. Many children and the parent-child reading many parents reflect, for a period of time and in children after reading, found that children progress obviously, indeed, parent-child reading on children is great change, the children in the parent-child reading, learn more vocabulary in learning the skills, stronger, and more level of writing high, some children also affected the story, will get rid of some bad habits develop good habits. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have these doubts: please pay attention to WeChat public number: [mother’s reading]. Just to be a kid! There is no school in the world can be more important than the mother’s reading!相关的主题文章: