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11 invited a bunch of technology giants trail "intelligent manufacturing", Tmall has been in the ten years after the layout of the electricity supplier Sohu technology 11 of the smoke has filled in every corner — not just the Internet, but also cable under the entity; not just in the mainland market, Hongkong and Taiwan and other overseas markets; not only the promotion war, but in the product, service and logistics experience, the dimensions of the joint force. More importantly, this year, the 11 will no longer continue to improve GMV as the only goal, but the application of new technologies, promote the new model as the focus. Tmall has just hosted an event that embodies this. In November 3rd eleven, two a week into the countdown, Tmall invited dozens of Pinnacle Technology Corp in the world to engage in a "T20" summit, called the Tmall dual 11 global summit participants Powerise ecological, including Intel, CES, iRobot, BOSE, Dyson, Hui people, PHILPS, Braun, DELL, Lenovo, BEATS, HTC Hisense, the top of the organization on the "intelligent manufacturing" theme to explore. This seems to be a number of academic activities, and Tmall 11 seems to have no direct relationship. In fact, from this event can be seen, science and technology products will continue to become the focus of Tmall 11, more importantly, intelligent manufacturing is becoming a reality. 3C appliances is Tmall 3C appliances has been the home court as everyone knows, the annual double 11 focus, millet Tmall flagship store for three consecutive years won the Tmall 11 is a vivid interpretation of the first single store sales. Not only Tmall, Suning, Jingdong will focus on the promotion of 3C appliances. Compared with the daily necessities, people often buy FMCG, apparel bags, these products are more suitable for large-scale promotion, especially sweeping robot, electric toothbrush, juicer, vacuum cleaners, audio-visual equipment products can improve people quality of life, which is the annual double eleven gold category. The invitation from Tmall brand, the annual 3C appliance category 11 double star brand are absent, in fact, Tmall electric city has been formed in living appliances, kitchen appliances and other non members category and black category. This will be able to understand why Tmall to hold the event on the eve of the 11 double: let small partners come to their own product platform, but also for Tmall platform. Now rarely heard business platform will require brand signed an exclusive agreement, but which brand will be put in the first place, is the business platform of concern, before the business platform is keen to grab the star’s first mobile phone, this time is no exception. There will be 280 new products in the eleven day to double Tmall starting this year, including Leica SOFORT camera, iRobot Braava 240 automatic spray vibration type wiping machine, Dyson Dyson V8 Absolute wireless cleaner, they all belong to the summit to participate in Tmall brand, its Tmall also got millet MIX, glory 6X and other popular products exclusive sources. In short, now more and more emphasis on electronic business platform starting or exclusive products, participate in the T20 brand is Tmall’s hardcore ally, which reflects the appeal of Tmall in the electrical industry, learning相关的主题文章: