Who has to soar, now down to No one shows any interest in the star 乃々果花

Who has to soar, now down to star Edison Chan No one shows any interest in Edison Chan since 2008 after a burst of pornographic incident, dormant for years, re performing the work, but popular as before. Edison Chan’s career is difficult to stand up, not advertising, to earn money for the family, even reduced to the bar to sing. The impression of the bar to sing more is not well-known small fry, Edison Chan and small fry company, is not very lonely? Zheng Zeshi energy-saving with a generation has grown up. Who is the winner of Hongkong Awards twice, was born poor, not easy to rise head and shoulders above others lost business, but because owed tens of millions of large sums of money to pay off debts, sometimes not even have to eat a meal, the next generation of actor sigh, should be a lot of people have discovered that he is not active in the screen. Yammie Nam in 1984 graduated from the training class Yammie Nam was popular in the new top, had "absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai" of the title (Hongkong radio channel was gathered in Hongkong radio station, commercial radio, television, radio and television Asia and the BBC TV named "Mount Wutai") is one of the year "Kowloon Women". Tang Bohu starred in "Scholar", "the big time", "Moonlight", "love in love", "six finger demon" etc.. One of the most classic is the spring thirteen niang. However, in her career was excellent, Yammie Nam constantly insane news, the Hongkong media coverage for the entertainment of the "mad woman". In 2014 to accept the Hongkong gossip magazine reporter, she said he was personally calm cinema eldest brother rape. Cause psychological barriers, leading to mental abnormal Noriko Sakai expensive for Japan’s first singer lady representative, Noriko Sakai has been the teen idol image has been popular, so that when she and drugs together, so that people can not accept this kind of contrast is too strong. I do not know Noriko Sakai change too fast, or because a man so today’s tragedy, or Noriko Sakai stoop. After his release apology tears, and how to compensate for the mistakes, but also because the image between drug-related scandal Noriko Sakai comeback recently collapsed overnight, incredibly reduced to shoot AV point, the former teen idol has not reply. Gordon Liu Gordon Liu, he is "in the" The legend of Condor Hero King Jinlun, "Tang Bohu scholar" in killing scholar, many in the television series has served as an important supporting role. Although there are a lot of people know his name, but as long as you see the photograph can think that he is sad, because of an unexpected result of stroke hemiplegia, these years not only to accept the treatment to deal with family disputes, but also by the wife to abandon, can only live in a nursing home, his wife also instigated the children family break, more painful is a former assistant Olivia Gordon Liu million fee. Nearly 100 thousand of the monthly medical care fee, let Gordon Liu on the verge of bankruptcy, too sad Sarah Chen Sarah Chen is an age singer, her song at any time, neither too fast nor too slow leisurely, gently and softly sing into my heart. Her songs at that time not only to create a popular, in the new century today, her songs have even more popular than the past, the classic will never fade. "Exhale" is a symbol of the era of music, until now there will be a pity相关的主题文章: