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The big pumpkin corn, improve children’s resistance good helper – maternal mother nagging: Miao Sohu often see friends complain, don’t have time for breakfast, I also saw a lot of mother often complains that her mother-in-law, give the child to do unhealthy food, I also want to say, complaining doesn’t solve any problems, sometimes we, in a free time, so busy bit, may bring much convenience to the back, one day in the evening or on weekends, you can also consider the children to do some dumplings, steamed buns, dumplings etc. these convenient food, breakfast or not convenient cooking time, can easily eat healthy and delicious the most simple food ~ morning, hot buns boil an egg hot cup of milk, a few minutes to fix, you can wash hot buns well, no delay when The ~ I love that word, is not thought of as long as landslide, way more than difficult; I have a sick body, especially in the special period of feeling, can enjoy their own hard work, life is also true, when young to work hard, do more reserves for general ~ days after the weekend, I go out to play as much as possible will take 1 afternoon or evening time to toss the pasta, steamed buns, steamed bread, what are the basic Steamed Buns, together with her daughter, her daughter is now rolling has been very good, a good helper, this kind of parenting time is another kind of happiness! Now the weather, weekend lunch at noon, and the dough, go out in the afternoon to play a few hours back, almost exactly can make ~ the big pumpkin corn the steamed stuffed bun, I use pumpkin and milk and noodles, relatively lazy, pumpkin production is relatively rough, pressing with a spoon, and put a little more peel, can clearly see the little pumpkin fillings ~ but I added some fresh corn, tastes especially delicious, recommended to you ~ the fusion of meat, vegetables, steamed flour, also can solve a lot of the baby does not eat meat or vegetables by ~ rough calculations this steamed asparagus cost, 8 yuan 15 yuan, pork, edible fungus, corn, pumpkin, onion, ginger, flour, milk 15 yuan, not labor cost is 38 yuan, I almost pack 25 left Right, mean a bun cost about 1.5 yuan ~ 1, and the production process: First: steamed pumpkin in advance after the start of the details and face, I did not shoot, or borrow before the picture, dosage is about 500 grams of flour (I also added a little corn flour), yeast 5-6 grams, steamed pumpkin mud 80 grams, milk, sugar, salt and a little about 200ml; the advance of pumpkin steamed milk, yeast, pumpkin and mixed evenly; (note the pumpkin must not be hot, or yeast on the failure, the milk can be heated does not exceed 40 degrees) (ordinary medium gluten) in flour with a little sugar and a small pinch of salt mixing, pumpkin milk yeast solution added into flour (pumpkin with a little bit of liquid added), knead the dough, and not too hard; then the dough on the board, repeatedly rubbing In order to make, steamed stuffed bun has better taste, kneading time can beat, knead until the dough is soft and light!相关的主题文章: