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Cochin, life must arrange a return tour of southern India – Sohu began in sixteenth Century tourism, the Portuguese, Dutch, British people have come to southern India, leaving a lot of sites in Kerala Cochin. Cochin is an important port city of India, southwest of the sea of Arabia and Laccadive sea, is also a part of Kerala Bangaier ne Kurram region. This is October, the year in India the best travel season, many European and American tourists began to enter Cochin, to explore the mysteries of India. Don’t understand here the Himalayan Rahm language is not a problem, the north of India is to speak english. From Delhi, FLYCO Qin, the whole 3 hours, began to worry about cheap aviation aircraft is too small, after all, is by Cathay Pacific Airways A330-300 aircraft flying, safety and comfort have good protection, even in economy can also enjoy private movie, not to mention the private space of the business class. Later found that this fear is completely unnecessary, Delhi FLYCO of the chin is the big plane, think also, who let India is another population of more than 1 billion countries in the world. The Portuguese and the Dutch left the Catholic Church in Cochin, the dominant before that of Hinduism, Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism evolved into three Cochin. The monuments of Cochin in Fort Cochin, in the Gulf of Arabia coast, here is the ocean portal to Kerala bonsi. Today the Church of Fort Cochin, everywhere, Saint church has a history of nearly 500 years, is the first Catholic Church in southern India. The Santa Cruz Cathedral, though not as old as the Church of Saint, is famous for its fine. I live in the Brunton Boatyard hotel in Fort Cochin, the window is the Bay, courtyard, lobby, and the room seemed to lead people into a dusty old time, time seems here still, only the ferry passing, just break the frozen memory. Here is the most characteristic of the fort Cochin Hotel, the colonists here can imagine the life of luxury. Right out of the hotel to tens of meters, but Zheng He left Chinese nets, are still in use, the coast of Arabia Bay scenery. Many big nets support here, on a number of stone weight, by human net, 600 years to repeat the same action, has become a Keqinbuke miss. When Cochin was one of the reasons the Portuguese is eyeing, here is the spice trade center, India more than 90% spices are shipped from Cochin to the world, but also the achievements of many Western taste of tea. The spice market is still in Cochin, has begun selling organic spices, cinnamon, pepper, aniseed in addition, I have never met. The earliest colonial buildings, Holland Palace at the spice market near the Portuguese first built, the Dutch expansion, now. Today, the Holland palace for the museum, which is really beautiful murals. However, Holland palace is not allowed to take pictures. Holland house is next to the Jewish community and synagogue, walk around, feel Cochin simple folk. Rest in Hongkong, in order to be able to fully experience Cathay Pacific lounge.相关的主题文章: