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Jian Lin quotations and scraper, which car prices in the gun? Sohu car following the "one hundred million of the small target", the king of · tide leader · Jian Lin once again created a burst of popular language – but I still can not afford housing. Cause is a part of Wang Jianlin’s story. 2003 Taiyuan Street Wanda Plaza invested nearly 610 million yuan, but fell into repeated investment failure, poor management trap. In order to protect the interests of owners, Wanda finally had to flesh bloodletting, 15% annual rate of return of repurchase, lost 1 billion 20 million yuan. The fuse is a seemingly unintentional ridicule: we Haierwei than most, Haier hit the refrigerator only some money, we lose more than 1 billion! There is a saying: "the speaker has no intention, the listener interested," the richest man in the face of the current "provocation", Haier said it absolutely can not bear. This immediately replied in a micro-blog official: never thought that Haier Guan Bojun last sentence summed up the word "why I can’t afford to buy a house", hit the most vulnerable parts of the minds of the masses eat melon, just two hours, dozens of well-known enterprises, Bo quickly follow, from catering to IT, from the stationery to pharmaceutical companies…… Guan Bojun have said: dude The Legendary Swordsman for many years, but I still can’t afford to buy a house…… The past and triggered the spread of viral Carnival compared, because these join in their respective areas, summon wind and call for rain to the Shuabing Guan Bojun, seems to be more worthy of our consideration. Behind the official blog solitaire with vigour and vitality, is "the industry worked hard for ten years, as a real play" black humor…… In a media announced in October the city housing list, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai respectively to 52549 yuan per square meter, 46664 yuan per square meter, 46119 yuan per square meter price gains in the top three. Then the problem, the housing market all the way, in recent years the rapid development momentum of the car market whether a war? Passenger car market sales growth in the first half of 2016, the overall performance of the domestic vehicle listed companies rose. Many independent brand car show returning to the market competition potential. Here, we may wish to look at the car business revenue for six months, in the north to buy a few Suites? According to media reports, 24 domestic listed automobile companies revenue and net profit both to achieve growth in the first half of this year, total revenue reached 639 billion 737 million yuan, an increase of 10.9%, net profit growth of 17.4%, from last year’s 30 billion 662 million yuan rose to 35 billion 984 million yuan. Among them, there are 15 companies outperformed the same period last year, accounting for over 60%. Among them, by virtue of its excellent performance of the joint venture brands (SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM sales were in the forefront) and independent brands (by continued selling Roewe RX5, SAIC horn) to sit tight in the top spot, way ahead from other car. Data show that SAIC revenue in the first half of this year to achieve 346 billion 295 million yuan, an increase of 8.3%, net profit of $15 billion 60 million, an increase of 6.3%. Reference to the previously mentioned market price, Jie相关的主题文章: