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Internet financial opportunities – Sohu science and technology, the challenges of Internet banking suddenly become cold environment. 2013 to the first half of 2015, the Internet financial business and investment is very hot, from the public equity raise, P2P, Internet banking financial supermarket to emerge in an endless stream, but the second half of 2015 to now, as the industry broke a lot of scandal, such as risk control, and regulation of the government (in January this year, government restrictions on financial start-up companies listed on the new board and even restrictions on mergers and acquisitions of listed companies financial venture company later became cold, industry). But this is also an opportunity for the truly high-quality start-up companies to stand out. May 2016 in the second half of 2017 or the first half of the year is a turning point, so substandard, earn quick money, poor operation of the Internet financial platform out. In the long run, the new Internet banking must be the last winner. Two, Internet banking can win the essence of financial information, and the essence of the Internet is also information. The best direction of the new financial is to allow financial resources to flow more productive, more efficient enterprises and individuals to solve the asymmetric information, information acquisition costs high pain points. Traditional banks in the face of small and medium enterprises and individual customers have a lot of restrictions, because the cost is too high, the loss of a lot of high-quality individuals and small and micro enterprises to provide financial services opportunities. The Internet can greatly reduce the cost. Who can through the Internet means to improve the efficiency of the allocation of funds, who will be able to win the future in the new financial! This is the foundation of the new finance can greatly reduce the cost for customers, enhance the total value of the single user cycle, and ultimately to the traditional financial significantly beyond. That is to say, the core competitiveness of new finance lies in the competition of efficiency and cost. The core of this competition is embodied in the ability to get the cost of the customer, retain customers, enhance the customer’s ability to re purchase rate. Access to these capabilities must be achieved through the Internet big data, Internet products and operations, etc.. Three, the Internet financial aspects in which new financial platform to win 1 intelligent personal financial assistant are currently in the rough way 1, such as consumer finance platform has listed a number of financial products, such as P2P on the platform of long P2P face the same, there is no real difference, it is difficult for the user there are differences of services, some financial services through the Internet financial platform than to find the traditional bank financial manager for help, at least advisory services. Platform does not know the real needs of each user. This does not really play the advantages of Internet banking, how to play it? Internet banking is the advantage of the real needs of customers through the big data mining, clear the true portrait of each customer, according to the user to match the real needs of the user portrait. So from the perspective of consumer finance, the most important direction of the future of the new Internet Banking: intelligent personal financial assistant. Users on the Internet as long as a certain financial services, users have a certain transaction records (such as credit cards, 51 cards is through help users solve management problems, so as to get users full)相关的主题文章: