The second national tour will be held to promote the global tourism channel in the centre caxa实体设计

The second national tour will be held to promote the global tourism channel in the original title: the second session of the National Centre of global tourism promotion will be held in September 10th at the second session of the national defence, the global tourism will promote the centre held in. Autonomous Region Party Secretary, Li Jianhua, director of the NPC Standing Committee, the National Tourism Administration Secretary Li Jinzao attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy director of the National Tourism Bureau Li Shihong presided over the meeting and read the "National Tourism Bureau on the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region agreed to create a" national global tourism demonstration area "reply". Li Jianhua first welcomed the leaders and guests present at the meeting. He said that tourism is the spread of civilization, cultural exchange and friendship bridge; the tourism industry is an industry Hing Yip Wong, "green and sunrise industry, the industry of happiness. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of tourism, has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the rapid development of the national tourism industry into the golden period. This year, the National Tourism Bureau to promote the development of global tourism, and held in Ningxia national tourism will promote the global, which is to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and the central deployment requirements, promote the tourism industry supply side structural reform and promote the transformation of tourism industry to rise to new concepts and new practice level, and promote the tourism industry will lead to a new look, to usher in a new era of mass tourism. Li Jianhua said that Ningxia is a beautiful and magical land, but also in Western China a unique tourist destination, has a long history and splendid culture, magnificent mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, have a tradition of hospitality, good prospects, "noted, magical Ningxia, attracting more and more tourists. In recent years, the regional party committee and government adhere to the tourism industry as a pillar industry of steady growth, structural adjustment, increase employment, improve people’s livelihood to grasp, and carefully build a distinctive and influential scenic spots and tourism lines. Especially around the global striving for national tourism demonstration area, vigorously implement the global tourism development for three years, in the spirit of reform and innovation, focus on creating panorama, full, full time, the national industry in the global tourism, to Ningxia as a major scenic spots to build tourism planning and construction, the whole industry chain, to promote the whole season all-weather tourism product development, organize and mobilize all forces to support the development of tourism, Ningxia tourism industry entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading, accelerate the development of the. Li Jianhua said that the development of the global tourism is a new topic, Ningxia will study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Ning to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important speech, this will promote the deployment requirements, with an open mind to learn from the good experiences and good practices of other provinces, accelerate the construction of global tourism demonstration area, efforts to create an international tourist destination characteristics bright, hard to the world started implementing the global tourism brand of Ningxia magic? ". Finally, Li Jianhua to the leaders and guests attending the invitation. He said, Ningxia sincerely hope that the leaders and guests to go and have a look, feel the development of Ningxia’s natural landscape and local customs and practices, changes, through your promotion and matchmaking, make more friends, customers and enterprises to understand Ningxia, into Ningxia, Ningxia publicity, investment in Ningxia; Ningxia sincerely hope to strengthen the national ministries, provinces and brothers exchange)相关的主题文章: