Courier lost package was forced to pay for the theft of a colleague package to make up for the loss pt100分度表ֶȱ�

The courier parcel was forced to steal lost compensation package "to make up for the loss of colleagues" – Beijing several times due to negligence lost packages were customer claims, was to steal colleagues package to make up for their economic losses. Recently, the Suqian city of Jiangsu Province, Sucheng District procuratorate prosecution, the court sentenced for theft Wang Gang fined 4000 yuan. Wang Gang is a courier company employees, several times he went upstairs to send express forgot to lock the door led to the loss of the package was a complaint, the customer has nearly 800 yuan compensation. But Wang Gang not only do not learn lessons to correct their own problems, but playing the idea of stealing other area colleagues package. In March 28th this year, Wang Gang in the area take the parcel, take the kick, carton occlusion etc., so that the package to avoid staff scan, then catch them will package to their delivery vehicle. March 30th, the company received a customer complaint, said the package two days ago has been to the company, but has not received, the company then launched an investigation. In view of the diversion package monitoring, Wang Gang found that the package will be stolen, and after asking no fruit alarm. After identification, the contents of the stolen goods worth more than 2000 yuan. (Liu Lei, Zhang Junming)相关的主题文章: