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From a mountain to Shannan, Kellogg fled into the mountains called Yang Mo – Sohu of Mogan Mountain tourism in the world famous Mogan Mountain, had been "New York Times" as one of the 45 places most worth. To say how beautiful the scenery here, but also can not say, however, here has its own attractions. Since the period of the Republic of China, here is the fashionable summer resort, although many years later, there has been still petty, exotic flavor, and now popular frigid wind, wind, simple…… here out of a variety of ocean Kellogg and improved the upgrading of the farmhouse. Always wanted to see, in fact, as early as four years ago had the chance to go, the car to the mountain, but my family’s driver because it is a new driver, afraid to open the mountain, just returned in Deqing, Deqing spent two days to go home. Summer vacation this year, I moved to the Mogan Mountain to see the idea. Fortunately there is a high iron, and drops, so I just a person without leave. Go alone, or to control the cost, the two nights are the goods after the raft tou Xiang Wu Xian Tan and Xiangbi Wu Qing research inn. In fact, it was the eve of G20, really want to drive to go to it, because in the range of Deqing 50 kilometers from Hangzhou, the vehicle is single and double limit line. Get off from the railway station in Deqing, near the train station foraging, a person would not eat a la carte, online search, the old woman is said to be the most famous porridge stalls Deqing snack, is the chain, actually I should say is a fast-food restaurant. In Deqing west station Xing Kang Road also has a home, a train a person casually eat to fill stomach. Look at the price list, breed is very much, the price is very cheap, a meal with a bottle of beverage, a total of only 11.5 yuan, I think that got it wrong. Memory seems to be more than a thousand packages in Huzhou, on the point, and also point to the tofu and beef vermicelli. 1.5 yuan two pieces of tofu, really cheap, Hangzhou stalls tofu to 5 yuan, the taste is good. Beef fans are cool, it is summer, 4 yuan a bowl. Not too many people shop, the staff really are some old woman, the action is slow, the Mandarin was relatively slow, the store should be the main customer is the local people, too lazy to cook to eat. After dinner, starting a taxi. Because the two are home in the mountains, the Mogan Mountain area drops are not in accordance with the display of the price, into the mountains, mountains are a price of 100 yuan, a taxi to the station after the goods from Deqing dock about half an hour to arrive. But the driver drops cheating me thrown out after Wucun ran, a stranger asked I can walk along the way, but the scenery is good, while walking look at the style of B & B, when exercise to lose weight. In fact, walk this road is on the Mogan Mountain mountain fitness trail. And contact the store after walking for about ten minutes, after the goods arrived at the dock. To tell the truth, 3相关的主题文章: