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The EU even withdraw 8 PV companies price commitment qualification   threatened to abolish tariff exemptions — energy — even withdraw 8 PV companies in the "price promise" on the abolition of the EU threatened qualification China PV tariff exemptions following the August 15th announced the cancellation of 5 home Chinese PV enterprises price undertaking qualifications, the European Union recently announced the withdrawal of the Ningbo Ou Da optoelectronics, Zhejiang Kai Xin and Shandong new energy science and technology, 3 Chinese Linuo photovoltaic PV enterprises price undertaking qualification. So far, the EU was combined with the previous warning, then voluntarily withdraw from the music, Xi’an Longji, Dongying leaves the photovoltaic PV, atesi, Sheng Photoelectric, Renesola, Trina Solar, photovoltaic and other 8 Chinese PV enterprises, the total number of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have "out" China EU PV price guarantee agreement has reached 16. That is to say, in the year 121 Chinese joined the EU photovoltaic PV enterprises price undertaking (according to the data, Chinese CCCME) now only 105 enterprises have export to the EU photovoltaic cells, components and other products "double reverse" tariff exemption. But more serious is that the EU in the news release also claimed that it was considering the abolition of hundreds of China photovoltaic enterprise "dual tariff exemption; and the EU ten days of intensive canceled 8 home China PV enterprises price undertaking qualification 105 enterprises, making the rest of the exports to Europe qualification or hang by a thread. "European style is insatiable." A person familiar with the EU "double reverse" for the legal profession on the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, "you see, we have made a commitment to price, Chinese photovoltaic products exports to the EU will appear a sharp decline, not only that, the EU also constantly accused of Chinese enterprise violates the price commitment, constantly create interference caused by photovoltaic enterprises the main exports to the EU have to choose to give up. In addition, the price commitment agreement that year, on the surface, it is indeed exempt from the Chinese PV products’ double ‘tariff, but the terms of the commitment is very harsh, strict regulation". China and the EU PV polysilicon, "double reverse" dispute in early 2013 August, between China and the EU China imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products reached a "price promise", although the official has no specific content open price commitment (price, quota), but in fact, the industry recognized, "price promise" "China’s exports to the lower price silicon photovoltaic products in Europe will be set to 0.57 Euro crystal tiles. In other words, Chinese PV companies only made a commitment to the price of not less than 0.57 euros of European sales of photovoltaic products, in order to avoid paying high anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties to the eu. At that time, the industry is worried, the restriction policy (price commitment) from 2013 to 2015, with the passage of time, gradually release of Chinese photovoltaic, especially the negative impact of polysilicon and silicon photovoltaic products: if photovoltaic products production cost reduced, causing the other competitors to reduce the price of photovoltaic products, have to comply with the 0.57 the provisions of the Chinese limit Euro watt photovoltaic products will gradually lost in the European city)相关的主题文章: