Baby during different periods of physical examination table finishing, from the experience of sharin naughty怎么读

Baby physical examination form in different periods of finishing, from the experience of his mother’s maternal baby brain share – Sohu at the age of 3 the rapid development, but also on the external stimuli are particularly sensitive to changes in the environment and also can let the baby feel unwell, so regular baby examination for development of palm with Wo Baobao’s body. Very important. However, the baby’s physical examination is not only the amount of height, weight, so simple, and in October today, the bacteria and experienced treasure mom together, look at what period of time the baby should do physical examination! October bacteria: generally after the baby will be born for the first time, so check out the abnormal can be treated as soon as possible. Generally check the baby’s skin color, heart rate, whether there is deformity, stimulation, muscle tension, breathing, etc.. Check items: skin: check skin color, skin rosy is normal. Heart rate: the number of times the heart beat in a certain period of time, the general heart beat, and more than 100 times per minute for health. Is there a deformity: check the baby’s buttocks, limbs, genitals and anus, to observe the presence of spina bifida, multi – finger (toe) or finger (toe), genital malformations, anal atresia, etc.. After the stimulation of the reaction: the baby will be born with a normal physiological reflex, generally crying or sensitive reaction is normal. Muscle tension: muscle tension is to maintain a variety of postures and the basis of movement, in order to determine the clinical activity of passive limb or press the resistance to muscle tension. If the baby is active and the muscles are normal, it is normal to have muscle tension. Breathing: check the baby’s breathing function, generally good breath, crying loud on the normal. Po Mom: this time we do not have to check with the family in the next, the baby will be born directly to the doctor. Generally there is no problem, if there is a problem, then the doctor will tell us directly, of course, if you do not rest assured, you can ask the doctor directly. Note: Although the baby was born after the doctor did a check, but if you find something unusual baby, be sure to consult a doctor. October bacteria: check the baby’s nutritional status, from height and weight, head, eyes, chest, limbs, exercise, etc. to detect whether the baby to achieve growth and development indicators. Check item: height and weight: the baby length is about 47cm, the average weight of more than 2550g. Head: the baby’s brain and skull development, brain capacity can be used as a measure of the size of the baby’s growth and development indicators. Eye: test the baby’s eyes can move with the light. Chest: observe the baby’s chest is symmetrical on both sides, in order to determine the chest and lungs and chest back muscles and subcutaneous fat development. The movement of limbs: To observe whether the baby limbs bend love, whether love hands clenched, if have showed normal development. Po Mom: this time back to the baby for a planned immunization card, so that it can timely vaccination to the baby. Note: Although the baby to physical examination, but the baby!相关的主题文章: