New Zealand earthquake has caused two people were killed in the hardest hit areas are still not cont 爱多vcd

New Zealand earthquake has killed two people have not yet contacted most affected areas – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to foreign media reports, a strong earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand after level 7.5, two people have been killed in the earthquake. New Zealand Prime Minister Johnski said more details are still unknown. Local time on November 14th morning, the South Island of New Zealand earthquake occurred 7.5 earthquake tsunami, after about two hours later, the local government warned residents live on the east coast to the inland, or higher shelter. From a distance of 181 km north of Christchurch Kaikoura (Kaikoura) measurement points to 2.5 meters high in the morning monitoring. After the New Zealand official once expected, on the east coast of the tsunami will trigger waves up to five meters high, but in the local time at half past five in the morning, the Department will be part of the wave height may be reduced to three meters, these areas include the distance of 680 kilometers southeast of the main island of Chatham Islands. The Department in the local time as early as eight points, will continue to reduce the height of the waves to some coast will be about one meter high waves, is a maritime and beach threat". New Zealand Prime Minister John Ki said on a number of media, he is currently unable to and including coastal and inland Kaikoura, Karl Forden, the worst affected areas contact. He said: "at present we do not get any information that may have a stronger earthquake, but we can not be careless." He said the New Zealand Army has sent armed helicopters to Kaikoura. The Saint John emergency center has sent emergency teams to the area. Saint John emergency center in Rosario after the earthquake a few hours said in a statement: "we have now received the earthquake report to the number of casualties, these areas include Karl Forden and Kaikoura, but up to now there is no specific information." New Zealand is located in the famous "volcano zone, the Pacific plate and the Australian plate at the junction of the Pacific seismic belt". Its east by the Pacific plate to the west of the strong subduction, about 500 km wide zone by the interaction of the two plates, thus active earthquake. Christchurch also suffered a major earthquake in 2011, when 185 people were killed and severely damaged downtown.相关的主题文章: