Yinchuan bus arson trial dismissed the appeal upheld Ma Yongping’s death sentence 女f4

Yinchuan bus arson case of second instance dismissed the appeal upheld the death sentence for Ma Yongping – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Yinchuan on September 29th news (reporter Lian Jun) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Higher People’s court 28 days according to the law of Yinchuan "1? 05 Ma Yongping made a second ruling" arson and open verdict, dismissed Ma Yongping the appeal, maintain Yinchuan intermediate people’s Court of the death penalty. Ma Yongping arson occurred in the country caused significant repercussions and widespread concern. In July 3rd this year, the Yinchuan intermediate people’s Court of first instance of the defendant Ma Yongping arson was open verdict, the defendant found guilty of arson, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. After the first instance verdict, Ma Yongping refused to accept the verdict, appeal. Ningxia Higher People’s Court on September 22nd public hearing of the case, the Ningxia high court found that the appellant Ma Yongping for a plumbing engineering dispute with others, intent through influence, set fire to make revenge on society in public places. In early January 5th at 6:40 PM, Ma Yongping carrying a prepared two barrels of gasoline climbed from Ningxia Helan county to YinChuan Railway Station 301 road bus, when the bus traveling to the Helan County Jinsheng international Home Furnishing East Road, Ma Yongping lit two barrels of gasoline with the lighter, the car instantly ignited the fire, resulting in 18 deaths and 32 passengers. People were injured, completely destroyed the bus. Ningxia High Court held that the appellant Ma Yongping to take extreme measures, seriously endangering public safety, his behavior constituted the crime of arson. In order to achieve the economic interests of the individual, ignoring the lives and health of innocent people and public and private property, resulting in a large number of casualties and serious consequences of bus burning. The nature of the crime is extremely bad, the means of crime is extremely cruel, and the consequences are particularly serious. The defense opinion grounds of appeal Ma Yongping and the defender of the investigation are not tenable. Ningxia people’s Procuratorate of second instance dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict, the Ningxia Higher People’s Court adopted the views of. Yinchuan intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict facts are clear, the evidence is sufficient, accurate conviction, sentencing appropriate, applicable law is correct, the legal proceedings. Therefore, Ningxia Higher People’s court in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, yesterday (September 28th) the second trial final court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict, and submitted to the Supreme People’s court. Yesterday the second scene, the appellant Ma Yongping’s relatives, the relevant people and some media reporters to attend the sentencing to listen.相关的主题文章: