Nissan build 3D model the world’s largest full size, Qashqai crossover 若槻ゆうか

Nissan build 3D model the world’s largest full size, Qashqai crossover Tencent Automobile News Beijing on September 1st news automotiveworld reported, in order to celebrate the launch of the Qashqai car, the Japanese carmaker Nissan has a 1:1 size 3Doodler 3D printing pen Qashqai through innovative technology (ginseng, painting pictures, model cars, inquiry) this model is the world’s largest 3D print stroke out model. This stunning painting was created by the 3D print artist team, which was designed by the leading brand 3Doodler. These artists are very careful attention to detail, designed to ensure that the creation of the picture can be the new crossover vehicle high-end design and sophisticated performance of the show – this crossover is now on sale. Nissan Qashqai selling is a cross-border car on the market in europe. Although Nissan located in the Sunderland factory can produce 58 vehicles per hour Qashqai crossover, but 3D model for the system took 800 hours and lasted three weeks to complete. The final model is 4.4 meters long, 1.6 meters high, and the black version Nissan Qashqai type size as like as two peas. Expected by 2020, 3D printing industry market size is expected to exceed $17 billion. As a design technology, 3D printing technology in recent years has been widely used in the field of manufacturing, including the automotive industry. The implementation of innovation in the popular market, 3Doodler Create 3D pen allows anyone to create a unique three-dimensional shape and shape in the air. The principle is to heat the solid plastic to 230 degrees, forcing it through the nozzle, cooling to a width of only 0.7 mm material, forming a three-dimensional image. It is understood that, in order to build the Qashqai black version of the 3D model, the creative team in the Grace Du Prez under the leadership of the artist, spent a total of 13.8 km long plastic wire. Grace Du Prez commented: "I have been using 3Doodler to create a pen for several years, but the final result of this work is better than my most ambitious expectations. This shows that 3D printing technology has come to us and go a long way, but also to show people how to use." Nissan design Europe vice president (Senate, pictures, inquiry) Koji Nagano commented: "in Nissan, we always show that the design can be demonstrated through innovative technology to encourage the design of the program. The art team will 3D printing pen use boundary extension to the black version of the 3D Qashqai statue of creation, which create impressive." In order to ensure the independence, the real version of black Nissan Qashqai in Europe Limited sales, only 3360 vehicles. Based on the Tekna version of the flagship model of the Qashqai, are characteristic of black version of the Qashqai further enhanced, because it incorporates a number of contemporary style features, for example, the car covers intelligent "Ibiscus" black 19 inch alloy wheels, black version of the door bar, front and rear plus other silver pedals.相关的主题文章: