September 2016 Po LAN free story time schedule – Sohu maternal sql2005安装图解

In September 2016, Pu Pu Lan free story schedule – Sohu Pu Pu Lan mother story picture book library is a public nature of the activities, to allow more children to love books, love reading. To tell the children stories people are trained staff and volunteers Pu Pulan picture book shop. Listen to the story of love and children, remember the story will be every Saturday morning and every Sunday afternoon 10:30 15:30, remember the good time, attend yo ~ without reservation, to participate in the free place: Beijing Chaoyang District Jian Wai SOHO, building No. 13 layer 1362 Pu Pu Lan picture book library September 3rd 10:30 story: "good girl" "tomatoes a sneeze" story: Lu Yongtao September 4th 15:30 story: "walrus walrus in where? "" Flying "story: James Smith September 10th 10:30 story:" the jungle "Mask" how so good luck today "story: Xu Dandan September 11th 15:30 story:" curious George and the "yellow hat" Goldilocks and the three bears "story: Cao Chen September 17th 10:30 story:" who’s voice? "Really happy" really happy "story: Yang Peng September 24th 10:30 story:" you look very delicious "and" Alexander "story clockwork mouse: Chen Yanqiong September 25th 15:30 story:" Mom, where are you? "Blue room" story person: Zhang Xin相关的主题文章: