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The recruitment of | to our common "design" in the future of artificial intelligence! Sohu is a leading technology machine in the heart of cutting-edge technology and media industry service platform, focus on artificial intelligence, robotics and cognitive neuroscience, to provide high quality content and a number of services for industry practitioners. In the media business, the heart of the machine at the earliest WeChat public number platform to start operations, now covering WeChat, today’s headlines, hundreds of Baidu, Tencent and other large open platform content content platform, and operates its own official website. In addition to the media, the heart of the machine will be based on the legend of the star Comet Labs global resources platform for the field of artificial intelligence to provide industrial services. In order to produce more high-quality content and provide better service, we need more small partners to join us! Graphic Designer (1) Responsibilities: 1 original articles cover design; 2.H5 page design; 3 visual data graphic design 4 products surrounding design; job requirements: 1 typesetting and printing design experience, familiar with working tools, such as AI, PS, ID and other design software, HTML, Dreamweaver and other tools to understand 2; the font is sensitive, can communicate well with colleagues, to jointly promote the progress of the project; 3 practical work, serious and responsible. 4 major in graphic design, visual communication is preferred. 5 please provide their own design work. Work location: Beijing Senior Analyst (1) Responsibilities: write 1 artificial intelligence industry data monitoring, analysis and report; 2 responsible for all enterprises and artificial intelligence in the field of communication and tracking. Job responsibilities: 1 Bachelor degree or above, computer science, business, sociology or related is preferred; 2 with certain data analysis and insight into the ability of HA data has a certain sensitivity; 3 proficiency in the use of data analysis tools and information collecting and charting; 3 good writing skills and writing ability and English reading ability. Location: Beijing online operations (1) Responsibilities: 1 responsible for the company product line of WeChat, micro-blog, the content of today’s headlines and other operations; 2 responsible for the channel promotion effect analysis and experience summary, the establishment of an effective means of operation; 3 with the line activities of operation planning and execution; 4 with the content of team selection planning and promotion. Job requirements: 1.1-2 years relevant experience in new media operation, good language skills, wired activities organizing and planning experience is preferred; 2 familiar with WeChat background operation, multi channel communication experience is preferred; 3 good communication skills, have certain compressive strength and innovation ability, strong sense of responsibility and high execution. Working location: Beijing line activities (2) Responsibilities: 4相关的主题文章: