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Well known brands have military background you may not really know – Sohu finance Changan automobile, Changhong, China Poly Group, Motorola, Porsche and other domestic and foreign brands have had military background. Many people are not aware of, many domestic and foreign well-known brands are from the initial field of military products, some brands will be easy to introduce myself this history, and gradually expand the field of business, while others did not mention this, so many people do not know the background. Domestic brand name from China China Poly Group: People’s Liberation Army abbreviation mentioned poly, a lot of people contact most is in fact is mainly composed of Poly Real estate, military and civilian goods trade, real estate development, culture and art business, investment and development of mineral resources in the field of industrial explosive materials and blasting services in five aspects constitute the core business. It was first established by the general equipment department and CITIC joint venture, mainly engaged in military equipment import and export business. Our company Poly Hui P, English "PLA" (from the people’s Liberation Army China abbreviation), "POLY", "POWER" meaning, the deformation of the English letter P, by Lai Weiwu and Wang Xiaozhao in 1987, the symbol represents the confidence and strength of fist. P the center of space, meaning grasp now, look to the future. Look at the Poly Group Manager, chairman Xu Niansha, director of the board of directors, chief economist, such as Li Binhai, are very cattle people. Changan automobile Chinese: formerly known as the earliest Arsenal car in Changan formerly known as the Shanghai cannons Bureau, is the first Chinese in the history of modern industrial enterprise, is the earliest Chinese Arsenal, from the time point of view, Changan car is also a long history of benz. Shanghai ocean gun Bureau later renamed Suzhou ocean gun Bureau, then renamed the Jinling manufacture Bureau, and then changed to the Jinling Arsenal, during all the Japanese invasion of China, renamed the twenty-first Arsenal, the new China was founded, renamed the Changan machine factory, in 90s, merged with the Jiangling factory, established Changan Automobile Co. ltd.. Today, Changan has become China’s new car sales of the largest independent car prices. The production of cars has covered many areas of SUV, MPV, cars, mini car. Changan automobile is relying on military transformation, although there is no military business, but its performance is still dazzling. Dongfeng Automobile: by the military as the "hero" Dongfeng Automobile was founded in 1969, established at the beginning of the development of ideas is identified as "the Israeli military first, after the people", so it is in order to meet the needs of troops and military vehicles, Dongfeng production is the most important political task. 1975, Dongfeng EQ240, EQ140 two models in the fight against Vietnam in the fight against the outstanding performance by the Chinese military as a hero car". With the development of the times, Dongfeng Automobile in the field of civilian car is also blossoming, in the field of independent brand passenger car, it produced a variety of cars, and the use of military resources to create a civilian SUV. Changhong: military is the survival of magic in the last century in 80s, Changhong from a mysterious military enterprise has become the color TV brands known to every family, later.相关的主题文章: