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Apple iPhone 7 sales in the end how? Listen to what the supply chain – Sohu technology BI Chinese station reported on November 19th market research firm Longbow Research analyst Shawn Harrison and Gausia Chowdhury, tell them the apple iPhone supply chain vendors, iPhone 7 sales will be more than iPhone 6S, but other products generally steady sales. Longbow believes that iPhone sales will grow by about 2.5%. For some obvious reasons, Longbow did not disclose who is providing information. They may be apple OEM employees, it is possible to understand the knowledge of these vendors. These OEM vendors refer to companies that assemble iPhone, such as Cirrus Logic (semiconductors) and MFLEX (circuit boards). Longbow has released a contract manufacturing revenue on Apple’s list: Harrison and Chowdhury recently in a report to investors, said: "all the contacts that sales of the iPhone 7 is slightly higher than that of iPhone 6s. They saw that in the third quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, the volume of orders in the first quarter rose, especially in the order of iPhone 7 Plus, the factory at full speed production. They are expected to grow by 2.5%, higher than the previous forecast of $2%." The two analysts also report quoted a few secret intelligence of them said: "benefit from the Samsung iPhone 7 event, the production will peak in October and November." "We’re working for apple. Since October, we did receive some additional iPhone 7 orders. Our fourth quarter iPhone orders higher than expected by 15%, the increase in the amount of orders mainly from iPhone Plus." Second half of the iPhone 7 orders may reach more than 78 million. Compared with the second half of the second half of the iPhone orders increased by more than 30% over the previous year, but last year and flat." "IPhone 7 Plus orders are higher than expected, inventory levels are low, so many apple suppliers are busy expanding production lines." Compared with last year, iPhone’s orders were flat with last year." "IPhone orders in the fourth quarter is about 75 million, but still lower than expected, and even declined compared to last year, I think the iPhone 7 peak production has almost ended, Apple may from late December to cut orders." "I heard that in the fourth quarter, Macbook’s orders were quite large, but still less than last year." "Apple will be in December on a number of Apple’s suppliers (such as PCB and flexible panel suppliers) to start a new round of prices, but the price will not affect other competitive suppliers, such as Taiwan)相关的主题文章: