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Samsung Galaxy Note 7Recode is expected to recall Chinese station in September 2nd reported Yonhap News quoted an official as saying that Samsung Electronics in the global scope, the company expects worldwide recall of its latest tablet mobile phone Galaxy Note 7. Such recall scale is the first time in the history of Samsung electronics. Galaxy Note 7 listed less than a week. It is reported that there have been reports that there are several Galaxy Note 7 in charge of the explosion occurred. Samsung Electronics official said the explosion occurred in the report is a new cell phone battery caused. "The most important thing is the safety of our consumers," he said. "We don’t want to disappoint our loyal customers." The official said that Samsung Electronics is expected to announce the results of the mobile phone explosion early this weekend or early next week, as well as comprehensive response measures. The official said: "there is a problem with the mobile phone battery to 0.1% of the total number of products sold. Problems may be solved by changing the battery. However, we will provide consumers with reliable solutions." It is reported that Samsung Electronics is unlikely to be announced on Friday Galaxy Note 7 recall, because the company is working with the United States, Verizon and other partners to discuss the matter. Samsung Electronics had said in a statement: in response to the question of Galaxy Note7, we are working with partners to conduct a comprehensive investigation. We will announce the results as soon as possible. Samsung Electronics is committed to providing consumers with the best quality products." Galaxy Note 7 was introduced by the industry’s positive evaluation. Galaxy Note 7 iris reading technology is a major selling point of the product. Due to the current slowdown in demand for Apple iPhone, analysts are increasingly optimistic about the prospects of Samsung smart phone sales. Samsung Electronics second quarter profit better than previously expected, analysts have raised the company’s target price. After the burst Galaxy Note 7 battery problems, Samsung Electronics shares fell 2% on Thursday, its battery supplier Samsung SDI shares fell by 6.1%. (compiled by Eru) [U.S. Recode works related to the rights of Chinese owned by Tencent Inc exclusive. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: