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China (Sichuan) – Thailand youth elite entrepreneurs exchange will be held in Chengdu – Beijing, China News Agency, Chengdu, September 22 (Xu Yangyi Wang Peng) China (Sichuan) – Thailand youth elite entrepreneurs exchange will hold 22 days in Chengdu, from 39 Thailand young entrepreneurs to communicate with Sichuan young entrepreneurs. "Since China established diplomatic relations in 1975, continue to deepen friendship and cooperation, in-depth cooperation in culture, education, tourism and other fields, the two sides see mutually beneficial results." Vice president of China cultural and Economic Association Lin Yaoming said, hope the two young elite entrepreneurs exchanges can make the Sino Thai friendship from generation to generation. Lin Yaoming, the 39 young entrepreneurs in Thailand, tourism, education, electronics, manufacturing and other industries. Operating in Thailand hospital Liu Handa said: "I went to the opportunities in Chengdu feel, Thailand hopes to the operation of the hospital moved to China, also hope that the exchange will be able to bring more elite entrepreneurs exchanges and cooperation." Jia Qiang, a young entrepreneur in Sichuan, said that he went to Thailand before the exchange activities, to get to know a very good friend of Thailand, after returning home has been kept in touch. "I want to go to Thailand to sell agricultural products, also hope that the exchanges can continue long-term development, realize the" Thai family "." "The best way to know a country is to know his country from the mouth of your friend." Like Jia Qiang, from Thailand youth entrepreneur Nataxi · G Gen Laixi before the exchange activities with friends Chinese. He believes that through the exchange of Chinese friends will be able to better understand china. The seminar organized by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Association for friendship with foreign countries, is also a part of the Thai elite youth exchange activities. The activities of the Department in 2015 Thailand established diplomatic relations 40 anniversary, CO sponsored by the National Friendship Association, Chinese Embassy in Thailand and China cultural and Economic Association Visits project. During Sichuan, Thailand youth entrepreneur delegation will visit Tianfu new area, incubator Park, hi tech Zone Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding and Southwest Jiao Tong University, in-depth understanding of Sichuan investment environment and economic and social development in Sichuan province. (end)相关的主题文章: