Artificial intelligence academic Daniel Shan Shiguang venture, passed several well-known institution 驯龙高手dm456

Artificial intelligence academic Daniel Shan Shiguang venture, passed several well-known institutions voted – Sohu technology recently, there is news that the Academy of Sciences researcher Dr. Hill China has set up an artificial Intelligent Company. The mountain is deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of intelligent information processing, the main research work of computer vision, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction and other direction, especially in face recognition. So far in the domestic and international journals, International Conference on hiring more than 150 papers, International Conference on computer vision (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) 27 papers, IEEE T PAMI IP CSVT as long as more than and 10 important international journals and domestic mainstream Journal reviewer. She has been invited to ICCV, ACCV, ICPR, FG and other international conferences Area co-chair (Area Chair), IEEE Trans. on Image Processing the Neurocomputing Pattern and Recognition Letters, editorial board and other international publications (AE). According to business publicity information display, the company created a mountain in the extension (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 4th of this year. In addition, sources said there are a number of institutions to participate in the vote, including a domestic smart chip startups. In the extension of information display, by the mountain as a director of the company and the legal representative, executive manager Liu Xin as doctoral student Yama Sehikaru, Guo Danqing served as the board of supervisors. Since last year, Yu Kai, Wu Gansha, and others have left the artificial intelligence research institutions in the past, to join a start-up company or their own founder of the company. In recent months, Microsoft Asia Research Institute chief researcher Dr. Sun Jian served as chief scientist of science and technology announced open view; former Microsoft Cortana chief scientist NLP Huang Meiyu joined as vice president of engineering go ask. As for its extension in Shan Shiguang Christie will choose which technology direction, correlation analysis, the research focus more on the mountain light face recognition, so the company to enter the field of computer vision, the maximum likelihood. But in view of this direction is the Red Sea, so there is no information.相关的主题文章: