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Punish grassroots flies greed should continue to force – Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: punish grassroots flies greed should continue to force the elderly for family planning special subsidies are required, "meaning" please eat a meal, it spent 3 months income 600 yuan. In this regard, when the village cadres have said, do not eat sorry people." One side is difficult to get rid of poverty of the masses Yanyinqipan, side is "to act improperly required to eat", "deduction" disguised subsidy was added, the story of flower village in Sichuan Anyue, infuriating, more thought-provoking. "People see water form, depending on the people know that governance is not." Governance is good, cadres are cheap, whether the party is right, the people have the right to speak. Grassroots cadres from the people recently, they are not only the implementation of the policy, but also the image of the ruling party, the direct representative of the government’s credibility. We can say that the style of grassroots cadres, a profound impact on the image of the party and the government in the hearts of the masses. In this sense, good governance at the grassroots level or not, will determine whether the ruling foundation is solid. The anti-corruption pressure, generally speaking, the mainstream of grassroots cadres is good, however, in reality, some bad style and disguised corruption, still can not be overlooked. Some grassroots cadres to the "king of the mountain itself, the lack of awareness of the people, to active service; some chinakayao, yanguobamao, false impersonator, embezzlement and even take strong; the black hands toward low premium, special allowances and other people’s money""…… So, this is not the only one. "Fly" is more than a tiger. And do not say will directly damage the vital interests of the masses, but also will make "unspoken rule" out of the earth, the distortion of social fairness and justice, corrupt social values. Take the case of Sichuan, this is the application can be approved by the subsidy, this is to go through the procedures will be able to apply for documents, but because of the village cadres "obstruction" and can not get. If things go on like this, even in the minds of the formation of such a mistake, "find the village cadres to do a thing, to ask for a meal, this is." Such behavior, is not the "unspoken rules" connivance? Is it not corrupt the social atmosphere? How can the grass-roots cadres chinakayao "Customs" as an excuse? SIASUN hate not thousands of feet, evil bamboo should be chopped million rods." The interests of the masses can not be invaded, the grassroots fly greedy when severely punished, found a case, it should be investigated and dealt with a case. The symptoms, but also to cure. From the sinking level, improve discipline inspection system, to strengthen the publicity, to take control of "transparent micro power"; the sooner, the village organization self-discipline system, to change our habits, eradicate the "adverse social micro corruption, only one’s illness, one hand cures, to usher in the wind in the air base now, the situation of peace and tranquility under heaven. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: