The 42 year old Singapore ladies on divorce bought the world’s largest Hermes (video) jcuv是什么车

The 42 year old Singapore ladies on divorce bought most of the world’s Hermes global ladies are many, but the Singapore Jamie Chua (Cai Xinying) is the main concern for fan.. Because she is the world’s most Hermes bag woman! I have several cabinet hermes bags line – van owners found that Hermes has become rich stars, red net standard, no one feel shy to go out. Fan friends should know that Vitoria is very loving hermes. Zhao Wei is also a variety of limited funds, spell color… However, they compared with Singapore Miss Cai, also is not in the nouveau riche. After all, Miss Tsai’s bag is like this. Fan Lord saw her face with four words: I am rich. Different colors, different colors, different materials Birkin package and Kelly package. To the side of the display, in order to lay down. Click to play GIF 1520K a variety of limited edition Kelly bag. Although there is a little heavy, a little big, but still want to buy a special free Kelly package. In the snow. But a prominent force with words: "even at extreme temperatures and conditions, also let Himalaya travel bag kelly i trust". There are also the same material with a drill platinum bag. Buckle full diamond limited edition, may now have to buy a second-hand 2 million + all kinds of fancy sun Hermes hand bag. Other cabinets full of special luxury bag. Click to play GIF 347K a bed of Chanel new, limited, portable cosmetic bag. Miss Cai bags, Hermes has light price from 80 thousand to millions ranging. And these packages, but also with the appreciation of prices over time. Now should fan friends question: This Singapore "Ladies" what position? Look at Yang Mi, New York, the beauty of the package to investigate her secret all over there! I was a story (former) wealthy wife line – Fanzhu checked, that Miss Cai fame is not Hermes bag, but she and her wits divorce. Jamie Chua is 42 years old (range of friends, your adorable not wrong, 42 years old). When I was young, I was a Singapore Airlines stewardess. At the age of 20, Miss Cai fly in the Singapore Airlines business class, met Nurdian Cuaca. married Jamie Chua Indonesia who opened a special shoe store. 15 years with her husband, a son and daughter. But just a few years ago, the two divorced. Before the divorce, Jamie Chua businessman husband privately transfer property, but was found suspicious of miss cai. The hostess applied to the court for a restraining order and successfully froze about 450 million of her ex husband’s assets. When the wealthy wife in divorce, the fan is estimated to be half of the property to her husband. Oh, not necessarily. Because Jamie Chu’s divorce agreement is confidential. In the end how much did not disclose. Anyway, Jamie Chu and her son and daughter, every month can get about about 2200000 yuan alimony (there is no sigma (° ° |||) shocked? But?相关的主题文章: