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Net exposure table lists around the tea shop in the mainland "banner flag" controversy on the island – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Zhang Wenwen] Taiwan well-known beverage chain store in Ji’nan stores signs, to highlight the internationalization, which is called the "Taiwan" banner, was, as the "Taiwan netizen discussion the Special Administrative Region of the regional flag, sparked controversy in the island. According to Taiwan Union News Network 16 reported that, based in Kaohsiung "GONGCHA tea" chain beverage stores, stores all over the island. A netizen posted photos of friends to buy tea in Ji’nan, tribute tea greatly marketing text "Taiwan photo, below the world of tea" list of stores located around the flag, from left to right "Chinese" ranked first, followed by "Taiwan" and "Hongkong" 11 flag pattern, which is called the "Taiwan" banner, "by the familiar 12 light emblem, 5 stars on the right surround, then about the collocation form 3 to 1 ratio of the red and blue color, looks like the flag of the Republic of China and People’s Republic of China flag fusion products". Reported that the network search, this pattern has been, "which questions for the flag flag of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region in 2015?" One of the options. After the photos were posted, there was no small controversy on the island, and some people made a series of boycott in the company Facebook message. Some suspect this was about 4 years after the national flag of Taiwan, there is criticism, the trademark "tea company tribute tea" was written as "Rong Gong", "can also name" tea "". According to the company’s official website information, "tribute tea" was founded in 2005, headquartered in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, a total of 350 sites throughout the world, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao, etc.. In fact, this is not the first time that tribute tea has been disputed by the so-called "Taiwan flag". August 2013 Eastern Broadcasting Network reported that Shanghai ruiou department store signs tribute tea, Taiwan flag pattern is building 101. Tribute tea was explained at the time, mainly due to political considerations, in order to let consumers know that tribute tea is from Taiwan rather than the mainland, so simply use the most representative Taipei 101 pattern. And for this controversy, the tribute tea company but said that prior knowledge of the island, the store is authorized to operate, are now required by drawing paper cover, and please store correction.

网曝台茶饮店在大陆“改旗” 在岛内引发争议-搜狐新闻  【环球时报驻台北特约记者 张雯雯】台湾知名连锁饮料店济南加盟店的招牌列出各地旗帜,以凸显国际化,其中被标注为“台湾”的旗帜,是曾被大陆网友讨论作为“台湾特别行政区”的区旗,在岛内引发争议。   据台湾联合新闻网16日报道,总部设在高雄的“贡茶(GONGCHA)”连锁饮料店,分店遍布岛内外。一名网友贴出友人在济南买茶的照片,照片中大大的营销文字“台湾的贡茶,世界的好茶”下方列出加盟店所在地的各地旗帜,从左至右“中国”排第一,之后是“台湾”“香港”等共11面旗帜图案,其中被标注为“台湾”的旗帜,“是由我们所熟悉的12道光芒国徽图案,加上右侧环绕的5颗星星,再搭配约为3比1比例的红蓝底色所构成,看起来像是中华民国国旗及中华人民共和国国旗的融合产品”。报道称,经网络搜寻,此图案曾在2015年被大陆网友提问“哪个旗子适合做台湾特别行政区区旗?”的选项之一。   照片贴出后,在岛内引发不小的争议,一些人在该公司脸谱留言要展开串联抵制。有人怀疑“这大概是4年后的台湾国国旗”,还有人批评茶饮公司的篆体字商标“贡茶”写得像“贡荣”,“也可以改名叫‘共茶’了”。根据该公司官网资料,“贡茶”成立于2005年,总部设在台湾高雄,全球共350个布点,遍及大陆、韩国、新加坡、澳大利亚和港澳等。   其实,这并不是贡茶第一次因所谓“台湾旗帜”引发争议。2013年8月东森新闻网曾报道称,上海芮欧百货的贡茶店铺招牌中,台湾旗帜图案是101大楼。贡茶当时解释称,主要是出于政治因素的考虑,为了让消费者知道贡茶是来自台湾而非大陆,所以干脆使用最有代表性的台北101图案。而针对此次的争议,贡茶总公司无奈表示事前不知情,岛外的分店是授权经营,目前已要求图样先用纸张盖住,并请店家修正。相关的主题文章: