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"-" ice king battle of Ma Tianyu: welcome to the Sakura empty release team [Abstract] because Lianji behind in the hands and feet, originally due to problems of training can not "descent ina" Sakura empty release had acquired two bud a bud "Bikasuo ina Doll" looks better "ina doll". Ma Tianyu Sakura empty release open mode of Ma Tianyu and Kim Hee Sun as the mother subtly malicious Yingkong Shi ` _26 > > for the throne;; > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news last night, "-" the plot into the last race ice king battle ": from the community where the representatives of all ethnic groups to join their support for freedom of choice the prince team PK showdown with each other! As Sakura empty release of Ma Tianyu was released before the launch of micro-blog funny to interact with the fans: "first set a small goal can be reached if you join # Yingkong Shi clan #"! Ma Tianyu "king of contempt" with a sense of a big sister too many have been on the road because of Lianji behind in the hands and feet, originally due to problems of training can not "descent ina" Sakura empty release had acquired a two dolls ina bud bud "Bikasuo ina Doll" looks better "". Sakura empty release was astounded to early recovery of God decided to let my brother and his mother agreed to become the next king "". Ma Tianyu in the drama relay in front of the "mad cool tyrants pull" mode, once again upgraded to "king of contempt". Have to say, Ma Tianyu is very suitable for play this persistent in your own mind to have a contemptuous disregard of all people, the role of the "king of contempt" look too with feeling, is really dead, it seems, and there is a big wave of fans sister have come on the road. Compared to the last time in the movie "never thought" plays a similar role "Murong White Heart Magic", Ma Tianyu’s acting and a lot of effort, a young prince all for my brother, not bad nothing other are not important attention and cold performance. Out of mother’s conspiracy, ice and trick the little mermaid princess would make him a waste of his heart, only one purpose is "when the ice king, save his brother"! Ma Tianyu joined the charm outbreak Yingkong Shi Quanlee team alongside former, join hands to save the two Prince ice race, this time in order to fight for the throne to the front PK, into the drama audience in the discussion of several leaders who should choose the prince’s team. Ma Tianyu played since Sakura empty release was upgraded to "king of contempt" mode, psychic formidable, and won the support of the people’s charm outbreak, Heqian Spirit Bear King queen several princes most willing to join "Yingkong Shi clan", said he was optimistic about the Sakura empty release can be "kill decision" King, even friends and fans also launched online "release to follow" Prince of the topic, it is to let a person look full of excitement., want to quickly see the two team PK result! However, Ma Tianyu’s charm lies not only in this, a lot of people have said recently hooked on a reality show on seahorses super super warm gentle Ma Tianyu, is really sweet not Ma Tianyu "Jackson" chongni. See before respectively only two "Jackson" around Ma Tianyu’s neck with a tender voice of milk even said three times "you accompany me", many people are crying;!相关的主题文章: