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Sichuan donates a pass rate of only 15% experts say do not represent the male fertility in Chengdu to reduce the new network on 28 October, (Wang Peng) Sichuan province human sperm bank director Yue Huanxun 28, Washington reporters, the library has ushered in the 1000 donors this year, preliminary statistics, semen screening qualified rate was only 15%, but this figure does not mean reduced male fertility. Sichuan human sperm bank was established in 2012, after two years of trial operation, in the end of 2014 officially began operation, is also the first human sperm bank in southwest china. In accordance with the relevant provisions of between 22 to 45 years old, no infectious disease, genetic diseases and major diseases, no drugs, alcohol and other bad habits Chinese citizens may voluntarily donate. Yue Huanxun told reporters, a few years ago, every year to donate semen volunteers about 300 people, of which the semen screening pass rate of about 25%. With the increase in the past two years of publicity, as of now, the library has ushered in 1000 donors, but the sperm screening pass rate has further declined, currently only about 15%. Semen screening reduces the qualification rate, whether on behalf of the reduced male fertility? Yue Huanxun gives a negative answer. "Sperm bank screening of semen is very strict, this standard is far beyond the normal standard." Yue Huanxun told reporters that the screening criteria of the sperm bank, were higher than the male fertility assessment assessment standard. Secondly, after the promotion of popular science, the increase in the number of donations is also one of the reasons for the decline in the passing rate." Yue Huanxun said that a few years ago, the passing rate is slightly higher, because donors are mostly college students, graduate students, civil servants, etc., they live a more healthy lifestyle. After the increase in the number of people come to donate this year, the identity of the more complex, there are some people just want to look at their fertility through donations, the rate of decline is normal." Turning to unhealthy lifestyles, such as the huge pressure of life also led to the donor semen screening pass rate reduction, Yue Huanxun said, of course, these factors exist, but not the main reason." Reporters learned that a qualified donor, can make 5 families benefit. According to estimates, Sichuan Province, about 20 thousand cases of infertility patients need healthy semen to complete reproduction. Therefore, according to the current number of donors and screening pass rate, this demand is far from being met. Sperm and blood, bone marrow is offer, the gift of love to the society." Yue Huanxun said that the sperm is to help infertile couples act, hope that more male citizens have a sense of social responsibility to join the volunteer team to donate. (end)相关的主题文章: