Hengfeng bank in five temperature deposits exceeded 20 billion yuan-carmex润唇膏

Hengfeng bank in five temperature deposits exceeded 20 billion yuan under the new economic normal loan size has remained "double increase", achieve social responsibility and economic benefits of "win-win" according to the new regulatory agency data show that as of 9 at the end of this year, the Wenzhou branch of the bank assets reached 22 billion 430 million yuan, 20 billion yuan deposit size among the super club the temperature of the national joint-stock commercial banks, however, do these Hengfeng bank Wenzhou branch in Wenzhou more than 5 years. In November 6th this year, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch will be established by 5th anniversary. As the late establishment, late into the Wenzhou national joint-stock commercial bank, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch from scratch, from small to large, step by step to achieve the rapid development of their own. Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch president Xu Xiaomeng said that since 2011, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch in Wenzhou, has been to support local economic development as its mission, enthusiasm for the purpose of customer service. In five years, the bank is located in Ruian, Cangnan, Longwan, Yueqing, Yongjia, Ouhai six branches and a branch of community staff, since the opening of the first 52 years to more than 260 people. According to reports, through five years of development, the Wenzhou branch of the bank is gradually formed a number of areas covering the company, retail, investment bank, financial market products and service system, walk in the forefront of the market in a comprehensive financial services. As of 9 at the end of 2016, the Wenzhou branch of the total assets of 22 billion 430 million yuan, deposits 21 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 4 billion 200 million yuan over the beginning; the loan balance of 15 billion 60 million, an increase of 1 billion 890 million yuan, the book profit 249 million yuan, compared to September 2015 an increase of 132 million yuan, an increase of 112.6%. It is worth mentioning that, even if the economy has entered a new norm, but the Prudential Bank branch in Wenzhou every year the size of deposits and loans are still maintained "double growth" situation, the deposit scale in Wenzhou stationed in the national joint-stock commercial banks ranked in increasing year by year. In the scale of credit growth at the same time, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch also effectively control the credit risk, as of the end of 9, non-performing loan rate was only 0.42%, far lower than the average level, the quality of assets and profits per capita has always been in the forefront of the banking. In five years, in the performance of harvest at the same time, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch also actively undertake social responsibility. According to Xu Xiaomeng introduction, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch of the municipal government to respond positively to the call, through various channels and ways, will support Small and micro businesses in an important position. By the end of 9 this year, the balance of loans of small enterprises under 5 million yuan and below 8 billion 14 million yuan, accounting for 53.2% of the proportion of loans. This year, 5 million yuan and below the growth rate of small business loans reached 20.4%. As for Wenzhou Small and micro businesses guarantee chain new method of credit guarantee fund, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch is actively involved, to meet the financing needs of Small and micro businesses, as the first batch of insurance center in cooperation with the Wenzhou channel of banking financial institutions, the cooperation between the two sides has been officially launched. As of the end of 9 this year, Prudential Bank Wenzhou branch in the city credit insurance center underwriting 56 pens, underwriting amount of 99 million 100 thousand yuan, ranking the city’s cooperation.