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The man is in the "mother-in-law" before the support surface collar girlfriend robbery correspondent Yao Zhiyan to reporter Ma Zheng in the "mother-in-law" before filling the scenes, pretend to be rich, Jilin lad egg Zhang turned his girlfriend Zhuanghe girl lvmou robbery. After the first robbery, the couple got out of hand and became the "thief of mandarin duck", robbing and stealing 16. The day before, the suspect Zhang Lu, was Zhuanghe police arrest. Zhuanghe woman LV Mou and Jilin guy Zhang in the work acquaintance, fell in love with each other. Zhang economic conditions are limited, this marriage has not been recognized by Lu family. Zhang was very upset, only to do a banquet, but did not receive a marriage certificate. One day, Lv’s brother wanted to open a shop, and the money was not enough, so he borrowed money from his mother. Lu Mou mother did not have money, find LV Mou and Zhang Mou, borrow money to them. In fact, Zhang did not have money at this time, but he understood, refused to mother-in-law will only bring a worse impression to Lu family, on the contrary, if he lent Lu family money, naturally in Lu Xin mother heart bonus points. He readily agreed, "mother-in-law" second heaven he promised it to take the money. After sending off his mother-in-law, he closed the door to discuss with Mr. Lu: "I worked in the unit upstairs, Li Moujia lived in the rich, and this evening we went to his house to steal some money flowers."." This idea even got the consent of LV mou. That night around zero, Zhang and Lu Li came home downstairs, let Zhang lvmou lookout downstairs, his climb to the top floor, and from the roof of the Lee family went to the bedroom window on the north side of the sub Xiamen, Xiamen turned on, he opened the bedroom window, enter the room. He was in the kitchen with a fruit knife, then stole some jewels in the four floor of the hall on the shelf, and then holding a fruit knife straight to the five floor of Lee’s bedroom, in the bedroom door with white gauze he prepared a disguise and shouted: "give me money!" Li Mougang was going to climb up, and he pushed Lee’s neck with a knife and said, "don’t shout."! Someone gave me fifty thousand bucks to kill you, I can’t bear to kill you, you give me some money, when the fare, I go." Lee scared, and quickly took out a pile of money from his bedside backpack to him. Zhang too, urged Lee to continue to take money, Lee began to turn on the lights, Zhang zhi. In the darkness, Zhang led Lee to the front of the safe. Lee took out the money from the safe to Zhang, Zhang got the money after threatening Lee, not alarm, fled from the original road. The first two people robbery, Zhang grabbed a total of $20000. Zhang forthright take out eight thousand yuan money, let Lu Mou to "mother-in-law", the remaining money was squandered by two people. The two men who tasted the sweets were stealing and robbing more than ever. Once even in the victim’s car keys and steal out of the garage door opener, the victim of the Mazda car to Jilin Changchun ready to sell, because of fear of exposure will not implement, throw the car in a nearby slaughterhouse. The day before, the suspect Zhang lvmou was Zhuanghe police arrest two people. After appearing in court, two people of the robbery, theft of 16, involving a value of more than 20 yuan confessed to the crime.

男子为在“岳母”前撑面领女友抢劫   记者马征 通讯员姚植严   为了在“岳母”面前充场面,假装自己有钱,吉林小伙儿张某竟然撺掇自己的女友庄河女孩吕某入室抢劫。在初次抢劫得手后,这对情侣一发不可收拾,就此成了鸳鸯大盗,抢劫盗窃16起。日前,犯罪嫌疑人张某、吕某被庄河警方抓捕归案。   庄河女子吕某与吉林小伙张某在打工中相识、相恋。张某经济条件有限,这段姻缘并没有获得吕某家人的认可。张某为此很苦恼,只能先办了酒席,但并未领取结婚证。   有一天吕某的弟弟要开店,资金不够,便向其母亲借钱。吕某母亲也没有钱,就找到吕某和张某,向他们借钱。其实,张某此时也没有钱,但他明白,拒绝丈母娘只会给吕某家人带来更坏的印象,反之,要是他借给吕某家人钱,自然会在吕某母亲心中加分。于是他满口应承,许诺“岳母”第二天上他这来拿钱。送走“岳母”后,他关起门来与吕某商量:“我原来打工的单位楼上居住的李某家里有钱,今天晚上咱俩去他家偷点钱花。”这主意竟然获得了吕某的同意。   当夜零点左右,张某与吕某来到李某家楼下,张某让吕某在楼下望风,自己爬上顶楼,又从楼顶走到李某家北侧卧室窗外的厦子下,翻上厦子,拽开卧室的窗户,进入室内。他先是在厨房拿了一把水果刀,接着在四楼大厅书架上偷了一些首饰,然后手持水果刀直接奔向五楼李某的卧室,在卧室门外他用事先准备好的白纱布将自己伪装起来且高喊:“拿钱给我!”李某刚要爬起来他就用刀逼住李某的脖子,对她说:“你别喊!有人给我五万块钱让我来杀你,我不忍心杀你,你给我点钱,当路费我好走。 ”李某吓坏了,急忙从床头背包里拿出一沓钱给他。张某嫌少,催促李某继续拿钱,李某起来要开灯,被张某喝止。黑暗中,张某牵着李某来到保险柜前。李某从保险柜里拿出钱给张某,张某拿到钱后威胁李某不准报警就从原路逃跑。   初次抢劫,张某二人共抢得二万余元。张某豪爽地拿出八千元钱让吕某转给“岳母”,剩下的钱被二人挥霍掉。尝到了甜头的二人自此更加肆无忌惮地行窃、抢劫。有一次甚至在被害人家行窃时翻出车钥匙和车库门遥控器,将被害人的马自达轿车开到吉林长春准备卖掉,后因担心暴露身份没实施,将车扔在某屠宰场附近。   日前,犯罪嫌疑人张某吕某二人被庄河警方抓捕归案。到案后,二人对其抢劫、盗窃16起,涉案价值20余万元的犯罪事实供认不讳。相关的主题文章: