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Beauty It’s early morning and you’re getting ready for work. You’re standing in front of the mirror, doing up your tie or brushing back your hair. You stop, raise an eyebrow, and then smile at yourself. You spend 5 seconds admiring the person staring back at you before slowly realizing that there’s something amiss. As you examine your reflection more closely, both your eyebrows raise in surprise. Your teeth! Your precious and only set of pearly whites are turning a distasteful yellow! In fact, they are so yellow you rush to the bathroom to inspect your teeth under the florescent glare of the bathroom light. It’s there that your worst fears are confirmed – yes, you have an URGENT need for teeth whitening products. A lot of people find out their teeth are stained long after the discoloration process has kicked in. This is because the corruption of our teeth is a slow, largely painless process; only when we have cavities and mouth ulcers do we realize that something is wrong in our mouth, and often times it’s too late to do any salvaging. Yet, in the case of teeth discoloration, there is hope. And this is important, especially if you like to make a great first impression on people. There are plenty of teeth whitening products out there and professional tooth whitening services are readily available to help you restore your teeth to their former gleaming glory. You can find products for tooth whitening online and even buy stuff that allow you to pursue home tooth whitening. The question is: which tooth whitening products are the best to go with? You’re right to be concerned about what you put on your teeth. They are, after all, your one and only set. If they get damaged or – heaven forbid – should they decay and fall out, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. So it’s only fair that you be extra careful about what you put in your mouth and on your teeth. Tooth Whitening the Best and Safest Way Possible The best teeth whitening products are the ones that: Provide you with a total tooth whitening experience. Some tooth whitening gels or pastes claim fantastic results but the truth is, while they may be effective and claim to be professional tooth whitening products, they often fail to whiten the entire tooth area. What you need is a tooth whitening product that whitens in between the teeth, the top of them, and even the backs. Trust us, if your teeth are unevenly whitened, it will show, and it won’t be a pretty sight. Further, look for a product that actually enables you to control the shade of whiteness that you want your teeth to be. There are options in the market now that allow you to do this just by varying the concentration of the tooth whitening gel and how often you apply it. Why is influencing the shade of your teeth important? Well, some teeth whitening products leave your teeth so white they end up looking fake. On the other hand, some products whiten your teeth only temporarily so that just after a week or so, your teeth go back to their yellowish state. So be on the lookout for home tooth whitening products that put you in control of just how white you want your teeth to be. Use them till you reach your desired shade of whiteness and then just touch-up every month to maintain that shade. With the right product and the right routine, your teeth will look great for years to .e! Provide you with as painless an experience as possible. There’s actually little to worry about here as most people’s teeth are only mildly sensitive to teeth whitening procedures. But, having said that, some whitening products contain more amounts of peroxide than others and might make your teeth more sensitive. If you have delicate gums (or you just can’t stand the jolting pain when your teeth touch cold water or a chilly breeze) it’s best you buy a teeth whitening product that is easy on the mouth. Provide you with support and a proven track record. If your tooth whitening solution, tooth whitening tray, and other materials are from a reputable source, say a .pany that’s been in the dentistry business and has been practicing professional tooth whitening for a long time, then you’re bound to have better results than say from a product assembled by unknown men whose specialty is herbal treatment and hyperbole. Perhaps you’ve seen these herbal products, which range from cures for impotence to cancer, with their flimsy boxes and extended, unverified medical claims plastered on the side. Not many people can truly vouch for items like these so your best bet is to go with a tooth whitening product that has been tried, tested, and proven in laboratories and has the approval of the FDA. You don’t want to waste money on something that might actually make your teeth dirtier looking if anything at all. The bottom line is this – you want to be using something that works and gives you the best returns for your investment. If you’re going to spend money on a teeth whitening product, do a little prior research into the product’s claims, check out user feedback, and see if the manufacturer provides clients with additional perks and support if they decide to use the product. Go for the total user experience. Teeth whitening products should be pleasant and effective; anything that fails to fulfill these two basic customer expectations is likely not worth your time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: