Fresh Bison Meat Source Of Healthy Food-helmet怎么读

Health Bison meat is very popular food in the United States of America. This is very near to beef but the nutritional value in Bison meat is better than beef. Bisons are very similar to the cows in their body structure and food habit. They are mainly fed on green grass, leaves and so on. For a very long time, bison meat is very popular among the food lovers and is in high demands in the supermarkets. It is true that bison meat is a bit expensive than beef, chicken and others in its category. At the same time this is also a fact that bison meat is far more advantageous than others. Health benefits of the meat of grass fed animals are always higher. The .paratively high prices of bison meat are a justifiable because of several reasons. Fresh bison meat has more potential in regards of nutrition than others. According to scientific studies, the amount of calories in the bison meat is very low in .parison to beef and chicken. In 100g of cooked bison meat one would find around 2.42 g fats along with 82mg cholesterol and 143 calories. In the same amount of cooked skinless chicken, there will be around 190 calories along with 7.45g fat and 90mg cholesterol. Same amount of cooked beef will provide around 9.30g fats and 85mg cholesterol with more than 210 calories. Bison meat is also a better source of iron per serving than other meats like beef, chicken and pork. It is also better than other meat products in its cleanliness, texture, hygienic, taste and quality. The presence of Omega 3 Fatty Acids makes it even more rich and healthy food. So there would be less fat and more activeness in all those who consume bison meat regularly. Along with the health issues, bison meat is also a treat for our taste buds. It has a sweet flavor and is very light in .parison to others in the category. There are a few misconceptions about bison meat like it has some off flavors and is very greasy. These are nothing more than rumors because with such less fat and cholesterol, bison meat cannot be greasy at all and for the off flavor, it can be said that it is a bit sweeter than meats like beef and pork. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: