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Customer Service Either you are a small business owner, the Manager of Customer Service, Human Resources Manager, Head of Operations, and Business Development/Marketing Manager in any organization or any number of organizational functions. This message is important for you to read and to pass on. I believe Customer Care is everyone’s business, and should be part of everyone’s job description. But in every organization there are those people the Clients service people / first contact people, those people the customers meet at first contact; whose responsibility is to provide service to customers. 1. The job of Customer Care is a great job. At whatever capacity you attend to customer’s needs, whether as an internal customer or as an external customer it is important you make satisfying customers your joy, since this is the way you earn your pay. I always advise if your personality does not match this job function don’t bother. it is said that He who does not smile must not open a shop this goes a long way to explain how customers needs must be met. Always catch your fun while doing your job and make peoples’ day by meeting their needs with enthusiasm. 2. Be proud of what you do. You play an important role in the .pany’s success. I’m here to remind you that the experiences you provide for the customer could make or break their relationship with the .pany. Even if parts of the process are broken, even if the wait times are long, even if the customer is upset about some aspect of the .pany, a great experience with a customer facing person can make up for a whole lot. You have the opportunity to make deposits in the customer’s emotional bank account and keep those customers happy. 3.Being good at customer service requires a great deal of emotional intelligence. In fact, being in a people oriented position gives you the unique opportunity to practice and even perfect your emotional intelligence, and that’s going to help you in every relationship you have in your life. As you get better at your job, you get better at your life. That’s a bonus! 4. The customer is not always right. I know you might have a little card that came from the corporate office that tells you they are, but I’m telling you what you already know to be true. They are not always right. Sometimes they are wrong, sometimes they are mean, sometimes they lie, and sometimes they drive you crazy. But being right or wrong is not the point. Your job is to be so skillful that even if they are wrong, angry, nasty or just having a bad day, you have the ability to turn a bad situation into a better one. A highly skilled customer facing person is a magician, able to transform and diffuse difficult situations into good ones. 5. You have the opportunity to make the world a better place every day. Whether you deal with 20 customers or 100 customers a day, you have the power to create positive experiences for all of them. When you make your best effort to add sincere care and appreciation to every interaction, you are infusing it with positive energy and vibration. When the customer leaves the interaction with you feeling good they are likely to spread that positive emotion. Emotions are contagious. You have the power to spread positive service experience and make the world a better place. We all know how important that contribution is these days. Take it seriously and you can make a serious difference in the lives of your customers and every one they touch. Allow yourself to see the ecstacy of good will and well being you are sending out into the world. Spread happiness and appreciation and you will feel energized. Caring is contagious please spread the word About the Author: Notice – You are allowed to publish this article in its entirety provided that author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact, active and included with every reproduction 相关的主题文章: