The Average Annual Growth Of Chinese Copper Powder Is More Than 10-小坂めぐる

Business The data shows that the volume of copper annual increases more than 10 percent in recent years. In the development prospects of Chinese domestic market, Copper powder is an important powder material only after iron powder. Copper is widely used in iron-based copper-based powder metallurgy parts. The average annual growth of Chinese copper powder is more than 10% In the friction materials industry, the usage amount of copper powder is more than 1300 tons per year. In the diamond tool industry, there are more than 100 companies whose usage amount of copper powder (FCu) is more than 20 tons. And thus the preliminary estimates the annual consumption of the diamond tool industry of copper powder in 2000-3000 tons. Electrical Alloy industry, the amount of electrolytic copper powder is 200 tons. In addition, the electric carbon industry as well as metallic pigment coating of conductive rubber and the copper slurry, the demand for copper powder is also increasing. In 2011, Chinese copper powder imports are 23,274 tons, it is an increase of 22.78% over the previous year. The statistics of nonferrous metals association show that demand for the world per year of copper and copper alloy powder in more than 100,000 tons, of which about half the annual output of the total demand in North America from the foreign market demand. Meanwhile, other Southeast Asian countries, copper powder is mainly used for material processing, the demand has expanded each year, but no metal powder supplier. Copper and its alloys powder metallurgy products have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance properties, surface finish and non-magnetic, etc. They are widely used in friction materials, oil bearings, electrical contact material, conductive material, diamond products, filtration and mechanical parts. They are also widely applied in automotive, appliance, electronics, communications and other fields. Electrolytic copper powder with its excellent physical properties and chemical purity is often used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy, friction materials, carbon products, electrical alloys, metal coatings and pigments and electronic paste, conductive rubber and other products. For example, the amount of copper powder in automobile industry has reached over ten thousand tons. If taking into account the electronic, electrical and other industries, its has broader potential market.Source:..mhcmp.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: