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UnCategorized Using a broadcasting system, a municipality or local government unit can send a pre-recorded message to households. The voice broadcast can be any messages regarding travel restrictions and warnings. If there are disasters, the households will also be notified of the nearest shelter locations or safety instructions. In the event of chemical spill, hurricanes and tropical storms, the affected neighborhoods and .munities shall be given warning alerts. With emergency dialers, voice broadcast system delivers phone warning messages to thousands of people within a .munity about potential catastrophic disasters such as severe weather conditions, forest fires, flooding and blizzards. The voice broadcast is sent also to senior citizen groups, schools and religious groups such as churches. With customized tele.munications software, equipment and integrated solutions, business and government organizations are able to deliver important messages within and outside their organizations. Emergency phone notification is a variation of voice broadcasting. Not only can the .panies and government agencies send pre-recorded voice messages, but the recipients can also contact the response centers with the use of large bank of phone lines. The recipients of the call can confirm the message delivery, leave a voice mail message, or even transfer If your .pany employs a voice broadcast system, your employees can benefit from it in times of emergency and dangerous situations. The voice message broadcast for emergency alert can deliver to TTY/TDD phones for individuals who suffer from hearing disorder. Emergency XML messages, or canned VoiceXML are easily delivered from existing .puter applications, from Voice over Internet Protocol enabled device, and network devices. There are voice broadcasting hosts that have several emergency alert notification systems that can be managed online from remote location or emergency contact centers. In addition, some technology features a system which allows you to create your own network of emergency dialers. You can also customize the dialer according to time preferences; hence the message is relayed without unnecessary delays. There are three popular types of phone systems used in broadcasting. An analog dialer is a phone system that can provide automatic emergency message dialing to small .munities and emergency response teams. The time intervals of this series of calls can be pre-programmed from 4 times to 24. This feature enables you to broadcast as many as 1500 phone messages per hour. The digital phone dialer is a type of phone system used to provide emergency voice broadcasting with the use of up to 10T1 phone lines per system. If you have this on your .munity or business, you are able to deliver voice broadcast up to 15,000 times per hour. The .work emergency dialers are multi-tasking phone systems that can be controlled by one central program. This program is tasked to distribute calls throughout a configured .work. To respond quickly to incidence such as the availability of phone lines, there is software that can optimize the distribution of calls based upon the phone resources that are available at that moment. .work emergency dialers can be controlled over the inter. or can be managed within the local area .work of the .anization. In this type of phone system, there is no limit to the number of dialers, however, the number of calls is defined by the availability of your resources. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: