Without This, No Success-木村kaela

Business When people fail in their first initiative and rework the plan, they have this. New business, new year, and no money with no in.e in sight; if you reevaluate your efforts, you have this. If you are in doubt and everyone around you tells you to give up but you do not listen, you have this. Have you figured out what this is? This is Perseverance. The quote below sums it up: Most of the important things in the world have been ac.plished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Dale Carnegie Without perseverance there would be no success. I have known many people who try to achieve goals and fail in their first attempt but keep on trying until they succeed. A good friend of mine is a perfect example. He started a new business and was determined to create a new form of ice cream. He opened a storefront and did not generate enough business to keep it open. Today, several years later, he is a multi-millionaire with other businesses branching out from his first business success. He has perseverance! Here are some examples of perseverance: Daily evaluation of initiatives. Are they successful? If not change the pattern for better success. Avoiding negative people. When trying to initiate a new process, people can give you feedback that encourages self-doubt. If you have done your research, move forward and avoid negativity. Frequent reading and learning to enhance skill set. Read books, attend seminars, add to your skills; I believe the better I be.e at coaching and advising, the more people will recognize the benefit of utilizing my skills. This applies to anyone. Keep learning and growing in the process. There are many examples of perseverance in our life. I am sure you either know someone who is persistent in spite of the pitfalls, or has failed in their first attempt and kept on until they succeeded. If you plan on being successful, learn from your mistakes and do not give up! Perseverance is 80% of what is needed to succeed. Knowledge is the other 20% to apply in your initiatives. When we fail in one attempt we are that much closer to succeeding as long as we do not give up! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: