96 fee to change the credit card back to nature shuyue

96 charges to credit card to return to the essence of the sina finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Dong Zheng in the short term, the fee change will cause some merchants conflict behavior, especially some of the real estate, cars, luxury goods and other industries. However, from the long-term effect of the development of China’s bank card industry, this pain is the past bank card industry into some errors correction. At present, all credit card fees "Chinese payment industry of one of the greatest change 96 charges will be implemented from March 2016, the NDRC and the central bank issued the" on notice "since the perfect credit card fee pricing mechanism of bank card, Chinese UnionPay and related issuing banks, acquirers began to adjust the system reform accordingly. From the cup display data, by the end of August, involves the transformation of businesses reached more than 2 thousand, renovation work is carried out in the new rate wildly beating gongs and drums, will be officially launched it in September 6th. The rate adjustment, the development of China’s banking card industry in the past thirty years, the most important reform, a total of a total of four rates before the amendment, which is the epitome of the development process of China’s banking card industry. From the four reform, we see the Chinese bank card industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong step by step. The transaction costs involved in bank card bank card is the distribution of interests of each participating party in the industry chain, facing the new situation of the Chinese development of bank card industry, the current bank card transaction rate system exposed some problems, especially the merchants set code, credit card cash phenomenon repeated, more and more attention to the market parties.   therefore, in order to solve the China bank card transaction rate mechanism problems fundamentally, especially for merchants credit card fees are optimized, changed in the past some of the industrial development formation constraints rules, is the reform of the current bank card transaction pricing mechanism fundamentally, this will be conducive to the development of bank card industry, harmony healthy and sustainable.   the rate of reform to unify the merchant category, cancel rate pricing with echelon, borrowing separation measures, basically can effectively eliminate the merchant code, the harm and the phenomenon of credit card cash payment market at the same time, taking into account the credit card borrowing separation transaction extra funds and other costs, as well as the characteristics of the business of high risk, differences in structure, two kinds of bank card transaction cost of the business risk characteristics of distinction. Not only let a lot of the original charges at high rates of businesses has been reducing the burden, will also increase the acceptance of Merchants Bank card. 96 with the date of the implementation of the new rate is approaching, we also see some of the media, and appeared on the network voice, mainly for the credit card transaction rate is not capped policy will increase the operating costs of merchants to accept credit card, the network also saw some enterprises notice spread, said after the implementation of the new rate of 96 no longer accept credit card, or credit card rates borne by consumers.   from this way of thinking to understand, in fact, is a biased view of the rate change相关的主题文章: