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A female androgynous Zhang Tianai becomes infatuated sister let people sit up and take notice – Sohu president last night, with your brain – Zhang Tianai public date. Held in Wanda cinema "passing from your world" movie premiere, the president met Zhang tian’ai. And the impression of "tough female offensive" impression, life’s little love looks very delicate, thin, with a nice clavicle. A bit shy to talk to the audience, repeatedly bow, thank you for coming, let the president think this girl is too polite. From the "poor and blank" web series jumped to the movie actress, Zhang Tianai burst of red came too fast like a tornado. Perhaps because for many years, once famous, Zhang Tian’ai know that happiness comes not easy, so the promotion of the film during the incarnation of Superman a runaway Zhang Tian’ai, city day roadshow rhythm, make a difference out once a week under the president is deeply admire. Of course, every time the United States and the United States, naturally for the majority of fans sister personally demonstrated how to become a hermaphrodite, can be attacked by the husband and wife are favored fashion ICON. Film style – makeup "in passing from your world", Zhang Tianai played Deng Chao’s sidekick, radio intern Mao chicken. In order to meet the staff behind the scenes set up a green hand, Zhang Tian’ai almost all makeup appearance. Sure enough, the skin is perfect to the perfect hold live big screen demanding close-up. But as has created a "Prince of light pink", with red lipstick and one red small net love, makeup is a waste of her talent and fashion, Zhang Tian’ai eyes are convex, need more modified mascara. To attend the activities of 3 – beauty let us look at the recent photos of Zhang Tian’ai roadshow, feel a strong offensive aura? The overall makeup is very light clean, but the details can be seen. Tall and straight elongated eyebrow tail upturned eyebrow, clear eyelash, and the iconic Bobbi powder "Princess lip", is a handsome, yet tender girl feeling. In particular, WULI little love is still a dark eye control. Colored lenses, frames, plate texture… The fashionable style is not pulled down. Is the street and travel must-have. Large tracts of the magazine – the androgynous nature of the large number of people, in the field of great need of expression, Zhang Tianai will play the characteristics of androgyny. Of course is also well versed in magazine editor please eat melon masses, for Zhang Tianai to do large planning, will make her pants and skirts turns into battle. In contrast to soft silk material and profile suit hale, like princess I have a woman’s appearance and tough heart. Pure and wild collision is Zhang Tianai dedicated to our unique temperament. A pair of long legs almost invincible overflow frame, mouth with a hint of a evil joke, do you think she is sexy. However, the next second gentle eyes down, you think she looks like a gentle woman out of vintage posters. When such a mysterious Zhang Tian’ai passing from your world, no wonder you will fall in love with her.相关的主题文章: