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A new sweet potato cake practice 10 minutes – Sohu and fix the sweet potato cake is the traditional sweet potato steamed glutinous rice flour and knead well, or fried or fried. Today, lazy, do not want to toss, and want to eat. Thus, there is such a practice. Although the shape of the finished product is not regular, but it is particularly sweet to eat, crisp outside tender, coupled with simple steps, time-consuming, really very intimate. Pro who do not have to try to see Oh ~ the specific method of making the first step: prepare ingredients. Sweet potato 2 (not too big head), about 200 grams of flour. The second step: the sweet potato peeled cut into 1 cm size block. The third step: the sweet potato block, flour together into a large basin, and then poured into 200 ml of warm water. The fourth step: mixing evenly, as shown in figure. To make every piece of sweet potato surface sticky paste. Also, don’t be too thin batter oh) fifth steps: pour a small amount of oil in the pot, heat the oil, scoop a spoonful of sweet potato batter into the pot and spoon the batter is flattened, fried small fire started, as shown in fig.. (the whole must use small fire oh) sixth step: a fry to yellow after the sweet potato, until soft, remove the double yellow when. The seventh step: eat when you can sprinkle some white sugar, more sweet oh. When you are cooking this dish, what problems can be added to WeChat "leyou517" inquiries. I will answer one by one. Please pay more attention to the WeChat public number "Le kitchen" or directly add "leyou517"相关的主题文章: