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UnCategorized All abdominal exercise equipment is not created equal. According to a recent study on .mon abdominal exercises, the most effective exercises do not always implement abdominal exercise equipment. This study examined a number of abdominal exercises from simple crunches to exercises implementing at-home abdominal exercise equipment and in an effort to determine which abdominal exercise is the most effective. According to a study done at the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University, the best abdominal exercises are surprisingly easy to do. The labs study examined a number of .mon ab exercises in an effort to determine the best abdominal exercises and what techniques really strengthen abs. This study examined 13 abdominal exercises, ranging from simple crunches to more .plicated activities that implement at-home and gym abdominal exercise equipment. Each of the 13 abdominal exercises was ranked for muscle stimulation, which was measured with EMG in the abdominis, rectus, internal obliques and external onliques. The study concluded that the top 3 abdominal exercises are the Bicycle Crunch Exercise, the Captain’s Chair Exercise and the Crunch on an Exercise Ball. The study also concluded that the top .mercial abdominal exercise equipment is the Vertical Knee Raising Machine, while the top home abdominal exercise equipment is a large exercise ball. Abdominal Exercises have be.e extremely popular and there are a number of products available to help individuals stay motivated while exercising their abs. Below is a list of products that may help you put focus and variety back into your abdominal strengthening routine. Medicine Balls Abdominal exercise equipment like medicine balls are a favorite of many physical trainers for getting the most out of any abdominal exercise routine. Push Up Bars Push-ups may be the best total body exercise that builds core strength. When done properly, push-ups are a .pound exercise that uses muscles in the shoulders, chest, back triceps, abs and even legs. Push up bars ensure proper form and create a more intense push up workout. Bosu Balance Trainer The Bosu Balance Trainer provides a full body workout for balance, strength and agility. The Bosu Balance Trainer offers sever core-strengthening routines that require proprioception training and coordination. Balance Ball Workouts The number of abdominal exercise equipment exercises and other exercises that you can do with a balance ball are practically unlimited. Starter videos are a great way to get the basics and go forward from there. Ab Wheel Abdominal exercise equipment such as ab wheels can be extremely effective if used properly. Ab wheels are a simple piece of exercise equipment but they are not for beginners. An Ab Wheel can offer both a basic ab workout as well as a .plete ab workout but may lead to soreness. There is an endless amount of abdominal exercise equipment available today that can help you strengthen your core and keep your exercise routing varied and fresh. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: