Alipay will also charge transfer pleasant turn around (Bilingual)

Alipay will also charge transfer pleasant turn around? (Bilingual) Alipay arena widespread transfer will be charged a word: one is always like this, when you have one hundred dollars, to one thousand, when you have one thousand dollars, to ten thousand, when you have ten thousand dollars, to one hundred thousand, when you have one hundred thousand block, don’t put it in Alipay, otherwise take out no one hundred thousand dollars….   Shanghai Daily says: Alipay ALIPAY will start to charge users charges a fee when they make transfers from their account balance to their debit cards, following a similar move by rival Tencent’s WeChat Pay earlier this year. since the rival WeChat paid earlier this year began to implement user transfer to a debit card charges move Alipay, also for Alipay users from a similar charge measure. Alibaba’s popular online payment affiliate said the fee will start from October Alipay user will have 12 Each a one-time free allowance of 20000 yuan (US$2985) before the 0.1 percent fee is levied on the total transfer amount. The minimum charge is 0.1 yuan each time. Alibaba online payment branch (ant payment service) declared the new regulations will be implemented in October 12th play. Each Alipay users will get a transfer of 20000 yuan of the amount of free, then need to collect fees totaling 0.1%, the fee is the lowest 0.1 yuan. Alipay said in an e-mail statement yesterday that the move to charge the fee is to offset the rising business operation costs. But it said most users are unlikely to have to pay the fee because of kit相关的主题文章: