Anhui patrol look back rectification investigate and deal with violations of the organization’s revi iptd-651

Anhui patrol rectification: look back and review misconduct against the organization of 46 people – Beijing, Anhui provincial Party Committee on patrol "look back" the rectification of the briefing according to the central deployment, from February 28, 2016 to April 27th, the central fifth inspection teams to Anhui province for inspection "look back". June 1st, the central inspection team feedback to the Anhui provincial inspection. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. Anhui provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the feedback, comprehensive acceptance, comprehensive rectification, legislative change. In the provincial leadership, the province under the unified thought, improve knowledge, adhere to problem oriented, compaction responsibility, adhere to the comprehensive facilities strategy, adhere to the precise force, flipchart operations, reconciliation pin number, adhere to the overall linkage, poverty efforts, effective and orderly conduct rectification work and achieved initial results. At present, all inspection feedback problems have been fully carry out rectification, the rectification task to determine the 76 provincial reform program has been completed the stage goal; on the surface to carry out illegal business enterprises, industry associations and societies are not standardized, the cadre and personnel management problems, little Treasuries and grass-roots party organizations do not change, the long-term is not required to pay dues, spamming allowances and subsidies, "Jiuzhuo office" 8 special rectification, have basically completed the rectification task; feedback 30 specific issues pointed out in comments is the basic rectification in place, the responsibility of the relevant units to the committee to make a profound examination, and pursue the responsibility and accountability; at the same time, other long-term and the spirit of "not two" principle, to establish a number of rules and regulations and long-term mechanism. First, to deepen understanding, to further enhance the grasp patrol rectification work of political party consciousness since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee to inspect the work put in a more prominent position, unswervingly deepen political inspection, firm political direction, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to the value orientation. We conscientiously implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session, in-depth study of the rules and regulations, in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, visited Anhui and important speech on patrol work an important speech, in-depth study of the central inspection work leading group and the requirements of the central inspection team visited the "look back" feedback opinions, deep understanding and accurate grasp of central to the new requirements of the new location of the inspection work, practical thinking and action with the central spirit, constantly strengthen the inspection rectification work of the sense of responsibility and urgency. First, adhere to the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on the inspection work as a good grasp of the rectification follow the fundamental. A series of important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work published, profound thinking, clear-cut, resolute attitude, demolish with penetrating criticism, is to further promote the comprehensive fundamental follow strictly, is to do the inspection and inspection guide thought weapon and action rectification work. In June 1st the central inspection teams to the province feedback, the provincial Party Committee immediately convey learning important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, full deployment of patrol rectification work, established by the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, division of responsibility, the relevant departments responsible for each of the Standing Committee, led jointly push the party organizations at all levels.相关的主题文章: