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Artificial intelligence AI: domestic investment slowdown – Sohu Technology Abstract: in China, from 2011 AI into the outbreak period, a series of artificial intelligence to entrepreneurial companies and investment institutions to enter the public view in 2014, an increase of up to 57.3%. AI’s rapid momentum, so that people began to panic brought about privacy, ethics, security, career and other issues. The media reported the | November 11th training camp Zhao Shuping "artificial intelligence" in the 1956 Dutt Maus meeting was born, but in the past 60 years, AI technology has not become the focus. In recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet makes the data expansion, technology upgrade also allows AI to emerge in many industries "". Currently, AI has penetrated into a number of areas, the Internet, finance, health, education, logistics, entertainment, media and other industries are intelligent layout. IDC data show that in 2020, artificial intelligence market will grow from $8 billion this year to $47 billion, including dialogue robot, intelligent voice, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence in medicine will be "darling". AI expansion of the development of AI as a "hot" technology, but has a history of 60 years, the old technology is experiencing a new expansion of development. According to online data show that the number of AI enterprises in 2015, except for a slight decline, has been growing. Even in 2015, the number of AI companies have declined, but still reached 806, with an average of every hours a AI company was born. Fast food giant KFC in the ball shop speed is 8 hours home, the growth rate of AI companies can be seen in the unusual". In China, AI from 2011 into the outbreak, a series of artificial intelligence in the field of venture capital companies and investment institutions to enter the public view. The largest increase in 2014, up to 57.3%. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou four cities to become the focus of the development of AI enterprises. However, from a global perspective, the number of domestic AI enterprises and industry development level, compared with the United States, the world’s major industrial country or slightly inferior to Silicon Valley, as the core of the artificial intelligence of venture capital companies, like Trump and Hilary’s campaign, provoking a global taste. At present, the global distribution of AI enterprises mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe and other countries and regions Chinese minority, the basic form of beauty, in Europe, a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. The number of AI companies in the United States accounted for 16.9% of the world’s Silicon Valley, New York accounted for 4.8% of China’s Beijing accounted for about 4%, the number of Listed Companies in the top three cities in the top three. Together with the growth of the number of AI companies are AI distribution areas: finance, business, medical, security, education, personal assistant, automatic driving, many Internet products more or less with the composition of AI. To the scene in the game, translation system, search engine, speech recognition, the automatic trading systems, industrial robots, unmanned areas, AI is already "blossom everywhere". In the!相关的主题文章: